Hello there, Lovebirds! The WEDDING CATALOGUE

I'm so pleased you have found me! Who am I? Just a lady living with her high-school sweetheart husband, her pug and her cat, in a camper on the road! In early 2018, we sold our home and decided to move full-time into our camper, lovingly named 'Babette', so we could travel the country as we wished! I'm also a travel blogger, sharing my favorite mistakes, tips, and hacks on NessieOutofWater.com.

So where am I located?

Most likely, I am somewhere on the planet! But no worries, my passport stays current and I will come to you! I can't wait to see the tiniest of details you've dreamed up!

Inside this lovely little guide, you will find the different Wedding Collections provided and a few little tips I've learned along the way as well. If a question pops up which I haven't answered here, be sure to check out the FAQs section of my website or send me a little email!

It's All In The Details!

Every tear, every smile, every tiny detail- these are definite photographs you're going to cherish and adore for your entire lifetime.

As a #JYeagWedding, you'll receive the lovely experience of knowing you can relax and trust that your photography is in the right hands. Most collections offered will have two photographers who share the vision of providing you with the most amazing photographic memories ever. We are fans of capturing the perfect moment and the perfect emotions.

Your finished portraits will be provided for your viewing just one month after your wedding. You will be provided with a link to your 60 Day online gallery and mobile app, which you can share with your friends and family, you can make any additional purchases with a 20% discount, and download your portraits from.

Additionally, your guests will be able to download watermarked, web-resolution images for themselves for free, or and place orders for prints themselves.

Payment plans are available to assist you with all the expenses which come with a wedding. By default, our weddings are designed to be split into two payments. To alter the number of payments, simply ask! A non-refundable retainer fee of only $500 is due upon booking, no matter the collection purchased.

Also, do not forget to consider registering for your photography as a wedding gift! Guests are more than welcome to treat their favorite bride and groom with the gift of photography by applying their chosen amount towards your package!

Capture your wedding - your way!
10 Hours of Coverage and Digital Downloads, 2 Wedding Day Photographers, $500 Print Credit, and your Wedding Photos Are Archived for 10 Years.

Guest Web-Resolution Downloads Included


8 Hours of Coverage and Digital Downloads, 2 Wedding Day Photographers, $300 Print Credit, Wedding Photos Are Archived for 10 Years.

Guest Web-Resolution Downloads Included


6 Hours of Coverage and Digital Downloads, 2 Wedding Day Photographers, Wedding Photos Are Archived for 10 Years.

Guest Web-Resolution Downloads Included


Customize the amount of time you need!

Minimum 2 Hours of Coverage

Digital Downloads, 1 Wedding Day Photographer, 1 Assistant, Wedding Photos Are Archived for 5 Years.

Perfect for Elopements and Small Weddings

Guest Web-Resolution Downloads Included

$600 for 2 hours, additional time is $300/hour

Non-refundable retainer fee of just $500 due at booking.

Additional time can be added to any collection over $1000 for just $250/hr.

Available for travel & destination weddings*

*Additional fees my apply for Destination Weddings

"Janelle did an amazing job capturing every aspect of my wedding. If I could give more than five stars, I would! I was completely blown away by the photos. She was professional but also fun to be around." - Shikala Witherspoon

Unplugged weddings are such a brilliant idea in today's modern world, and what's funny is that it is not a new idea at all. Until cell phones with cameras came around, guests viewing and entire wedding through any sort of camera was nearly unheard of. Sure, guests would certainly arrive with their film camera and take couple of photos, but it was literally that- a few photos, and then the camera went back into their pocket, and they enjoyed the wedding!

While we all love our cell phones and digital cameras, the downside is that guests can actually make themselves absent by losing themselves in their screens. You're paying for their chicken or beef! You want them to be present during the ceremony! By encouraging your guests to keep their phones and cameras put away, not only are you are actually inviting them to be more present and involved in your special day, but you're allowing your photographers to capture your ceremony and your guests faces without cell phones obstructing any views.

A simple cute sign saying "We want to see your faces, not your phones!" and having your officiant make the announcement before the bridal music starts normally does just the trick! But do not worry, we encourage your guests to take all the photographs they want during your reception. A huge benefit to you is that with a simple #cutehashtag, you can encourage your guests to upload their photographs to social media making it easy for you to find any guest's photos.

Provide your guests with a cute social media hashtag, such as #ItsAboutTime, so you can easily find any uploaded photos they have taken!

Thank you so much for viewing the Wedding Catalogue! To contact me, click the link below!


Janelle Yeager Photography

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