Chaco culture By michael kusik

Chaco land of compacted sand or rock.
The entrance to the amazing park.
One of the buildings in the middle of nowhere.

Starting my big adventure moving towards New Mexico to visit the Chaco culture state park, once there I would camp, explore, and learn the culture. Of course my trip would be dangerous the way to New Mexico is mostly desert, meaning there would be predators such as rattlesnakes, scorpions, and the sun beating down on me. This was just day one of my big adventure, at night the desert cooled down, I sat down a small teepee, and slept for the night.

A few z's later, now set of for my day 2 of the was the the Chaco state park. I packed up my teepee and set out, looking at my map it showed I was in Texas. Out I headed southwest more and more walking, My ankles were excruciatingly hurt so I took a break it was almost nightfall so I set up my teepee for the night yet again. Some more z's later.....

Day 3 we I walked ever more but I got closer and closer to the state park after more walking I found once there I explored, canoed, and caped it was a terrific adventure and then I had the walk home....... groan......

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