Modern Transcendentalism Seth l. per. 4


" I say beware of all enterprises that requires new clothes..."

Walden Henry David Thoreau


This movie is a great example of nonconformity because this man named Kyle is all caught up in the life of clothes and expensive things that aren't necessary to have in life. He does the wrong person bad and rips them off and little did he know that she was a witch who can put spells on people. The witch ends up putting this spell on Kyle and the spell makes him become very ugly and very noticeable. This movies show his struggles in life looking the way he does and it shows how he became comfortable with his look and it shows a great example of nonconformity because he shows change and isn't caught up in the material life and he's more about himself and nature towards the end of the movie, but he does end up finding the witch and he gets her to undo the spell.

This movie shows a well played example of nonconformity because when it shows the struggles of Kyle with his hideous face and skin he then becomes so much more humble and he loves himself for who he is and he sees the world as a better place and it basically shows that you don't need the nicest clothes and most expensive car to be happy. All you need to be happy is self acceptance you need to be able to love yourself for who you are. So Beastly is a good example of nonconformity.


"Nothing can bring you peace but yourself"

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Wolf of Wall Street

Wolf of Wall Street is about a stock broker in New York who basically works his way up from being poor to becoming super rich. He gets his first job in a small place in a small town, he works there and ends up taking over the little business and he was the head stock broker at the office. He then moves his family to New York where he wants to become a stock broker in one of the big buildings on Wall Street and he somehow found a way to get himself into the office. Jordan becomes very good at playing the game on Wall Street, he then opens his own office with his friend Donnie and he ends up being at the top of the market.

This movie is a great example of self-reliance because Jordan Belfort was a very poor man with a wife and a kid on the way. He shows a great example of self-reliance because he believed in himself and he only depended on himself and he really prospered in life and he became really wealthy and the only way he got there was himself. So he would inspire many people that are poor and feel that life will never go their way but Jordan Belfort did different so I feel that the audience of the movie will become motivated to get into the stock business in New York,


"Live in the sunshine, swim in the sea, drink the wild air."

Ralph Waldo Emerson

A Bug's Life

The movie A Bug's Life starts off with the main character Flick, he lives in a colony of ants in the middle of a dry creek. The colony is oppressed by a group of grasshoppers, led by Hopper, that arrive every season to take all of the food from the ants. Flik and a couple of his friends encounter a bird and it tries eating them all. After the bird incident Flik has an idea to make a false bird to scare away the grasshoppers when they come for their food. Once the bird is done there is a celebration but their whole plan gets revealed. When everyone finds out they decide to exile him and the colony starts a new pile of food for the grasshoppers. When the grasshoppers arrive to collect the food they see how little there is and demand the ants give him their winter food.

The grasshoppers invade the colony and Fliks niece tries the false bird plan to try and get rid of the grasshoppers. The grasshoppers start to fear the false bird but then the false bird cathes on fire revealing that it is a decoy, Hopper tells a speach about how all ants are just made to serve the grasshoppers but Flik goes on and tells him that he will not serve them, Flik starts figuring out that Hopper in all reality actually fears the colony turning on him. Flick corners Hopper into the bird nest and Hopper gets fed to one of it's chicks. Flick is later names the hero of the colony.

This film is very relevant to the quote by Emerson saying, "Live in the sunshine, swim in the sea, drink the wild air." I think this because not only is the quote saying enjoy all that is handed to you but it's also saying that we cannot take any of these things for granted. Just like Flick in the film, he and the rest of the colony deserve to have the food that they'd collected but the grasshoppers didnt think so. We should live in the sunshine and enjoy every sevond of it.


"Trust instinct to the end, even though you can give no reason."

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Steve Jobs (1991-2011)

Steve Jobs was the inventor of the popular cell phone and electronic company named Apple. Steve Jobs was very successful in his life and he is known for Apple, the company is very big today. Many people look up to Steve Jobs as a mentor in life because he set a really good example of favoring intuition over reason. Instead of doing what everyone else wanted him to do in his life he stuck to what he liked and he followed his dream of inventing something great for the world. Little did he know it was going to be as big as the company Apple which is the largest selling phone on the market today. His company still goes even after he past away from pancreatic cancer in 2011, his company still prospers today as they just came out with the iPhone 7 plus. Steve Jobs followed his dreams and he succeeded, many people won't do what he did by following his dreams in life because people are too scared, just like what Emerson is trying to say in his quote by always sticking with your instinct till the end no matter what. I feel that Steve Jobs did stick to his instinct and he succeeded and his company still goes on after his death and they are still inventing new phones and devices for our world. Everyone in the world has heard of Apple it is everywhere from the U.S to Japan.

Steve Jobs is a good example for favoring intuition over reason because everyone was telling him to do what everyone expects him to do and that was go to college study a degree and get your college degree and get a job and raise a family. Steve Jobs took it a different way and pursued his dreams of becoming an inventor because his passion growing up was technology, he loved computers and any kind of technology he could get his hands on. He had a dream of being able to invent his own product of technology and he did that with the iPhone. The iPhone was such a hit its the biggest selling product on the cell phone market. He inspires people to follow their dreams because sometimes the result can be great.


"For every minute you are angry you loose sixty seconds of happiness."

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Spongebob Squarepants, (1999-2015)

Spongebob is a character on Nickelodeon and he is a character that is always happy and he never wastes a second in life being mad. He is a great example for simplified life because in Emerson's quote he is explaining that when you are angry in life you are wasting time that you should be using to be happy. Spongebob is a loving character he's very friendly and he was the most popular children's show on television for a whole decade from (2000-2010). Spongebob shows kids how to see life the best way you can see it, it shows kids how to laugh and play with friends because that is what I truly believe kids are supposed to live during their childhood. Spongebob is a great show for kids to watch and its very entertaining.

Emerson was a man that looked at life the best way he could, he was close to nature and he looked at the cup to be half full. So i feel that the show Spongebob Squarepants is a good example of simplified life because it really shows a simple life of just being happy and outside with nature under the sea in Bikini Bottom which is the city he lives in. Spongebob lives a really simple life he constantly is happy and laughing, or he's with his best friend Patrick Star jellyfishing in Jellyfish Fields. So he really sets a good example for Simplified Life.


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