Tracy Li 2nd period fall final project


Space is all over the places, if you're claustrophobic you don't have enough space, space is something we like to call our personal bubble


Lines do not exist, so, whey are there lines, lines were created to describe the visual world, line is the path of a moving point


Shapes are two-dimensional, they are flat, but they are a shape, shapes can be all different kind but they are flat, shapes are everywhere


Form is the 3 dimensional shapes, they are accentuated by the value of color,


Colors are everywhere, they are in the sky on your hand, in your hands, colors are made of the intensity of light


You can't actually feel it, but you can imagine feeling it, that is the art of texture, you are feeling with your eyes

texture is how your hand feels, texture is the feeling of an object ,texture is the little bumps on your arms when its cold, so whats the texture of your hair?, rough, soft, silky or dry


Value is not the price of something, but the darkness of color, the light of the shade

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