The Race to End Racism Not a black and white issue

The Race to End Racism By Aaron Gold

Racism has been around for a long time. Even though there are organizations like the Black Lives Matter, in reality it will be a part of everyone’s life, in one way or another. Whether that means you are being racist towards someone, or someone is being racist towards you, or something else, like being a witness to racism, and doing nothing. Personally, I have not had people be racist towards me.Instead, people have been anti-semitic. While these issues should not get confused, they are similar because people are being treated differently because of their heritage. People tell me that I should go to a concentration camp, like in the Holocaust. They also make fun of my curly hair, because it’s a “Jewfro”. When I hear this, it reminds me of the athlete Jackie Robinson. Everyone hated him for a part of him being different from the other baseball players, but he did not give up. Today, he is praised, if anything, for being as courageous as he was.

Now don’t get me wrong. I don’t expect the world to realize that anti-semitism is bad this moment. I can only hope that will happen eventually. I want for the little things to be better, like people in school to not make fun of my hair, or me being Jewish. There are a lot of people in the world who are against blacks, Jews, and other minorities. The KKK, also known as the Klu Klux Klan, is a white supremacist group that was mainly big in the 1900’s. They burned crosses on black people’s lawns, and on the lawns of people who support blacks as well. People such as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Malcolm X, Harriet Tubman, and many more helped black people in times of need. A huge time of need for blacks was the Civil Rights Movement. During the civil rights movement, Blacks had a big struggle. More than a century of being mistreated had to be undone. With leaders like MLK, who wanted to do peaceful protests, the movement made a huge difference in America for black people. That meant more equal job opportunities, or more equal education, less segregation, and better lifestyles.

A newspaper article after civil rights bill was passed by president

Michael Brown was killed in 2014 for stealing a pack of cigarettes. He was shot about 6 times by a white male police officer. Michael was with his friend at the time, but his friend denies stealing. When Michael was caught by the policeman, Michael saw the man was about to shoot him, so he started to try and take the gun. When he was shot, but not killed the first time, “Johnson and a bloodied Brown took off running, and Johnson hid behind the first car he saw, he said”(CNN). The murder of Michael Brown was not necessary, nor appropriate. He should have been punished, but not killed. If this was a white man, the police would have likely left him alone. But because racism is strong in the world, especially in southern U.S. territory, he was killed. The issue went to court where Nancy Gertner said “Wilson is not facing charges because courts have decimated the law that holds officers accountable for excessive force,”(US.NEWS) This caused many protests in his hometown of Ferguson While people were unhappy, most were angry. Some tried to riot. But overall, Racism plays a part in the world, even two years ago.

Racism and anti-semitism are issues in today’s world. Jokes are made, when they are not jokes. People get hurt, physically, emotionally, mentally. People like Martin Luther King gave their lives to help defeat racism. Wars has been fought over racism. Millions upon millions of people have been fighting to end racism. When I hear someone being racist or anti-semitic, I will stand up for the victim. With that said, I can only hope someone will do the same for me.

In a dream world, racism will be eliminated. In a realistic world, there will always be a part of racism somewhere in ourselves.

Fight racism, anti-semitism, and othering in any way you can! Do your part, and the world will be a better place, no matter how cheesy that sounds.

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