Nazi War Criminals Project By Sheldon graham

The Holocaust was the extermination of 6 million Jews during World War II directed by Adolf Hitler. Towards the end of World War II, Germany was losing the war and being invaded by the Soviet Union. The soldiers at the concentration camps had to flee and some of the surviving Jews made it their life's mission to capture the Nazi War Criminals.

Josef Mengele was a soldier at the most famous concentration camp, Auschwitz. He was known as the Angel of Death and directed the killing of thousands of people just by the wave of his hand. He fled Germany and went to South America where he paid two families to keep his identity a secret.

Adolf Eichmann was another soldier in the Holocaust who directed the killing of millions of people. He was later captured in the Nuremberg Trials and was hung in Israel. He said the fact of killing millions of people has no weight on my conscience.

Another wanted criminal was Helma Kissner. Helma Kissner was a radio operator at Auschwitz who was charged with murder for 260,000 people. He was not captured in the Nuremberg Trials and was ruled unfit to stand trial in 2016.

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