Majlis 2 Chapter 1

Al Dai al Ajal Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin RA refers to al Qamah al Alifiyah (the upright posture) of human beings.....
He further urges Mumineen to contemplate upon its uniqueness stating:
Syedna al Dai al Ajal RA further draws A parallel between this upright posture of Human beings and the Universe at large. He states:

This parallel corresponds to the concept of the “Microcosm” and the “Macrocosm”

Microcosm, (from Greek mikros kosmos, “little world”), is a philosophical term, in which the “little world” reflects the Macrocosm, or universe.

Ameerul Mumineen SA in one of his verses states in an awe inspiring tone:

Do you consider yourself a small body? While the great universe is incorporated into you!

The paired concept of Macrocosm and Microcosm presents the idea that there is a corresponding similarity in pattern, nature, or structure between human beings and the universe. The concept of microcosm/macrocosm views man as a smaller representation of the universe

A similar comparison in much detail can be found in Rasāʾil Ikhwān Aṣ-Ṣafāʾ as Imam SA states:

Know that, those with ancient wisdom:
  1. Witnessed this material world (al-ʿālam al-jismānī) with their eyes.
  2. Considered the outward signs of the things with their senses.
  3. Contemplated these situations with their intellect.
  4. Studied the behavior of all the individuals with their eyes and considered species of the individuals with their reflection.
they found none, out of all of them, more complete in its structure and more perfect in its form or as a whole more strongly resembling this material world than the human being.

First the Greek, then the Buddhists Iranians, and others believed in this concept and viewed the individual human being as a little world whose composition and structure corresponded to that of the universe, or greater world.

The analogy between the microcosm and the macrocosm is an essential theme in Rasāʾil Ikhwān Aṣ-Ṣafāʾ. The idea appears in all the sciences, from mathematics to astronomy.

A quintessential example is how Imam AS describes the systematic workings of the inner organs of a human being to that of the solar system.

First of all, the heart is said to correspond to the Sun: both are located at the centre. From the Sun, light and life are distributed to all parts of the universe.

Likewise, heat circulates to all parts of the body from the heart.

The spleen is compared to Saturn, which puts together form and matter.

In a similar manner, from the spleen, blood transmits black bile’s coldness and dryness to all parts of the body, which is the reason for the viscous moistness of blood.

The liver is related to Jupiter, because order and harmony proceed from both.

Mars finds its resemblance in the gall bladder, from which yellow bile spreads to all parts of the human body as a sedative for the bodily humours.

The stomach is compared with Venus, the planet of pleasures. Venus is related to all joy and enjoyment of both spiritual and material beings in the spheres and in the sublunar world.

Likewise, the stomach relates to the lust for alimentation, which forms the building material for the body and its humours.

The five senses, as well as consciousness and wisdom, are connected to Mercury.

The spirit of Mercury resembles the flow from the middle of the brain, which causes the actions of the faculties of the human soul, such as sensation reflection, deliberation and knowledge.

The activity of the Moon is described as twofold: in the first part of each (lunar) month its face replete with light faces the earth and at the end of each month it faces the heavenly spheres.

The assignment of the lungs in the human body is twofold in a similar manner: it enables the entrance of air to the body and delivers it to the heart, which spreads it to each part of the body. On the other hand, the lungs also transmit air out of the body producing, for instance, sounds and words

From the aforementioned, one concludes that when a human being, and more specifically a Mumin, considers, through introspect, his own self, and his own physical body, as per The guidance of Awliyahullah as, he understands the harmonious relationship it holds with the entire universe. The subsequent understanding of the secrets and wisdom materialized in the physical world will help him understand the corresponding “Aalam ud-Deen”, and how one is to attain salvation from this world which is the sole purPose of this universe.
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