The VP By: Delia ZiOmek

Deep in a pitch Black Forest there was a place where people came out to play. In a house near a deep dark pond. You might think this place looks welcoming and first but, you thought wrong.

In this deep part of the woods all of the villains meet up. The one who is first everyday is the violent nose picker (VP). He stalks a family named the johns.

The johns had 3 daughters, one named Kate, one named Olivia, and one named Meghan. They never knew the VP was stalking them. But they would find out soon. The VP was very sneaky he made the family distracted while he took them.

On a regular Sunday afternoon Kate finds herself alone in her house because her sisters were at a soccer game and her mom and dad went to watch and she didn't want to.

She heard a creak on the stairs and went downstairs to check but nothing was there. She then heard something crash in the kitchen and some sort of laugh. “Who's there?” she said. There was no answer.

So she called her mom in panic. She remembered when she was home alone before the same thing happening she heard a door open and called her mom and she came home but nothing was there and it was ok. So she thought this it is probably the same thing so she hung up before her mom answered and just brushed it off.

She knew that she had to face her fear and look to see if something was there. She had done this before and Her parents probably do it all the time. She knew that she had to do this to show her self she is brave and strong so she did. “Everything will be ok it is probably just the wind” she thought to herself.

Kate goes in the kitchen and sees a kitchen plate shattered on the floor, the refrigerator wide open, and the kitchen sink running and about to overflow. But she doesn't see anyone.

She looks around checks in closets and everything but she doesn't see anyone, thinking one of her sisters are playing a prank on her she called her mom asking if she or anyone was home but her mom said nobody was.

Kate sees a note on the refrigerator and it has in huge letters VP and it is circled she had no idea what it meant but she knew someone was here.

She was checking all around the down stairs when she here's the tv go on in the family room and goes there and sees a shadow go up her stairs. Even though Kate was scared she knew she had to walk up those stairs and find whoever is up there and kill it.

So working up her courage for her and her family she climbs up those stairs and BAM! She sees him right there right in front of her the VP. He comes at her and WACK! She hit him with a pan and down he goes.

She turns around and goes down stairs about to get her phone but she hears something she thinks that is isn't gone so she goes upstairs and he is facing back of her she walks him again and this time is down for real. Her family comes home and the police come and take him away but......there is still villains out there right now so watch your back!

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