Night Without Sleep by ellen bailey

Have you ever had a night when you just couldn't sleep? Even when you're so tired you could fall off your feet?
You get up for awhile, and then you lay back down And just lie there, watching the clock go round
Then you remember that old adage, "Try counting sheep" It is supposed to help people who have trouble falling asleep
After some time has passed by You decide you'll give it a try And you start counting sheep, counting even their feet
Since sleep won't come, you get out of bed And decide to have some roast mutton instead


Created with images by PublicDomainPictures - "baby boy child" • Pexels - "animal cute dog" • cjdjkobe - "first step to success" • Tim Green aka atoach - "Counting Sheep" • Alexas_Fotos - "sheep deco ceramic" • jetalone - "Mutton sashimi"

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