New York City food markets stay popular amongst Staples students all year long By Bailey blaikie

With the popular food market “Smorgasburg” in Brooklyn, New York closing for the season on October 23, Westporters can now look to Gansevoort Market in Manhattan as an indoor alternative. Although each markets offer a broad variety of unique culinary options, Gansevoort too offers the vibe and the delicious food that many seek from Smorgasburg. With a short commute to NYC, many students find themselves going into the city often. Now they have a new market they can venture to.

Abby Greenblatt '18 - an avid foodie, said, "I think a lot of students at Staples love to go to Smorgasburg because the food is so good. It's kind of overrated, though." Students love going in for the many food options the city has to offer, but find that Smorgasburg does not always meet their expectations.

Sophie Attkiss '19 and Gemma Price '19 entering Gansevoort Market.

As soon as I walked through the door, I noticed the lack of people inside. However, it was not quite lunch time yet, so it made sense. Right away, I enjoyed the quietness and not having to wait in lines. At smorgasburg, lines would take up to forty five minutes.

Sophie Attkiss '19, has been to Smorgasburg a few times and said, "Now that Smorgasburg is closed for the season, I definitely am going to come here instead. I love the atmosphere and the wide variety of food is great." Gansevoort Market offers a plethora of food. From burgers to ceviche, you are guaranteed to find something to your liking.

Front view of many of the food stands

Stepping inside, I was overwhelmed with all of my choices. I circled the market 3 or 4 times, before deciding on where I wanted to go first. I decided on a chicken quesadilla from Taco Delicatessen. They offered tacos and quesadillas with your choice of almost any meat inside.

The quesadilla was served with a scoop of guacamole on top and cut into 3 thick triangles. The chicken was very spicy, as it was marinated in a sauce that had a kick of spiciness. The melted cheese was paired perfectly with the chicken, and when dipped in guacamole it was a delicious mixture. The crunch of the tortilla was perfect, and I devoured this within 5 minutes. The presentation however, was rather weak and did not appear to look as good as its taste.

In the making of a crêpe
Creamy chocolate soft serve with rainbow sprinkles and crushed oreos served in a cup from Big Gay Ice Cream

Choosing a dessert option was tricky, as there were many appealing choices. I went with Big Gay Ice Cream, a popular ice cream shop throughout New York City. They are known for their crazy flavors, but I went with a more simple choice. The soft ice cream paired with the crunchy sprinkles and Oreos tasted amazing.

Some of the seating areas in Gansevoort Market

Overall, Gansevoort Market is definitely a place I will be going back to. Many people choose to go to Smorgasburg on weekends for the good food and the fun atmosphere, and I think that Gansevoort Market can substitute Smorgasburg for the winter. However, it is open all year long. Avery Smith '19 said, "I'm excited to go here. Although it's in the city, I love going in with my friends because we live so close." If you're looking for a similar setting to Smorgasburg, good food and way shorter lines, Gansevoort Market is the place to go.

A sampling of the signs of the vendors at Gansevoort

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