"My Favorite Saint: St. Jude" Angelina Del Toro- Period G - 4/5/17

St Jude, also known as Judas Thaddaeus was born in Gailee, Israel, and the actual date of his birth is not known due to historical inaccuracy and records. He was one of the Twelve Apostles of Jesus and is generally mistaken for being Judas Iscadiot, the man who betrayed Jesus. Judas Thaddaeus lived a life for Chirst and is depicted with a flame around his head, resembling his role on the day of Pentecost and his passion to serve.

Judas' father was named Clopas and his mother's name was Mary, and was ironically the Virgin Mary's relative.

St. Judas lived a life preaching God's word after Jesus' death and all around the Mediterranean, parts of Northern Africa, and the Middle East. He even wrote an epistle, or letter, to the Jewish churches in the east.

St. Jude died on October 28 70 AD. Scholars do not know how he died exactly. Some believed that he was a martyr while others doubt this theory.

St. Jude is the patron saint of lost or desperate causes. This is because when many pilgrims and students of Judas came to his grave, they say that they felt his strong presence and intercession. His official title is "The Patron Saint of the Impossible."

Judas Thaddaeus' feast day in the Western Church is on October 28th while in the Eastern Church his feast day is on June 19th.


Please guide me through out my day and intercede for me in the difficult situations I may face. Help me to keep faith and hope and to be positive when I go through problems that I think are "lost causes" or when I face impossible challenges in school, my social life, and my life in general as I grow in my face



First Picture- https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/originals/e1/c9/36/e1c93670c0e8a72708f61f5f5380323f.jpg

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I have neither given nor received unauthorized help on this work.

Angelina Del Toro

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