BUSINESS CAN HELP NAVIGATE ‘LABYRINTH’ OF BREXIT COMPLEXITY the Next government must set up a Business Brexit Taskforce in first 50 days #CBIannualdinner

CBI President Paul Drecshler is speaking at our 2017 #CBIAnnualDinner about the importance of a new government creating a Brexit taskforce within the first 50 days.

"Business and government may have different roles but we share the same, ultimate goal - a thriving economy which benefits everyone. When we get this cooperation right there’s an amazing alchemy between us which turns business energy and entrepreneurship into better lives for people across the UK"

Paul Drechsler, CBI President

The next government, whoever they are, should set up a Business Brexit Taskforce in their first 50 days to crack the most complex issues affecting businesses.

To get Brexit right, the next government will need to get to grips with the complexity of the task.

Businesses have evidence, ideas and solutions that will help get Britain a better deal from Brexit negotiations

Each of the 1,000 people attending this CBI Annual Dinner, each of the 190,000 firms the CBI represents have part of the solution.

Expertise in a specific region, sector or size of business which when brought together forms a full picture which the next government needs to see.

The benefits of working together are clear: the government would get the evidence they need, while companies would be confident that the government is listening. The result is a better deal that supports jobs, growth and our country’s future prosperity.

A Business Brexit Taskforce would help the next government get the evidence from the shop, office and factory floor; the compass they'll need to find their way through the details of negotiations. Businesses would get the reassurance, the confidence that the next government is really listening to its concerns.

There could be dangers of the next government going it alone, business needs a say as the final deal will matter to the country's growth

Whilst the benefits of working together are clear so are the dangers of the next government going it alone. Business needs a say because, even when the politics have been forgotten we’ll have to live with the effects for decades to come.

The CBI Annual Dinner, sponsored by IBM, will be attended by a 1000-strong audience of senior business leaders and is held at London’s Grosvenor House Hotel.

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