The department of state By Kailyn lentocha and Emily Steckler

The head of department of state is Rex W. Tillerson

Tillerson was a businessman, engineer, politician and is the 69th and current Secretary of State since February 2nd

Tillerson joined ExxonMobil(American multinational oil and gas corporation) in 1975 and served as the chairman and CEO from 2006 to 2016

- He is a longtime contributor to the republican campaign

- He was just swarm in recently so he hasn't really worked on any projects, but he has close business ties with the Russian president, Putin

-Has generated controversy, particularly with Putins dealing of the panama paper

The department of state has multiple agencies within it, some of the agencies consist of these main categories:

-Bureaus and offices of department of state in the US

- The office of the Secretary of State

- Counselor of the department

- Under secretaries and their components

- Under secretary of political affair

- Secretary of management

- Secretary for public diplomacy and public affair

- Us representation at international organizations

One of the agencies under the category of public diplomacy and public affair is... Bureau of public affair and bureau of educational and cultural affairs

Bureau of public affair: carries out the mandate to help Americans understand the importance of foreign affairs. It is their mission to inform the American people and to answer their concerns and comment back to policy makers

The Bureau of public affairs engages in domestic and international media to communicate accurate information with the goal of furthering U.S. foreign policy and national security, as well as broadening understanding of American values.

This agency is working on: strategic communications planning to advance America’s foreign policy interests

Conducting press briefings for domestic and foreign press corps

and pursuing media outreachs, enabling Americans everywhere to hear directly from key Department officials through local, regional, and national media interviews

Public affairs manages 11 water projects in northern California, southern Oregon and western Nevada. This includes the Central Valley Project, one of the world’s largest and most complex water systems

Bureau of eduacational and cultural affairs: helps with mutual understandings between the people of the USA and the people from other countries to promote friendly and peaceful relationships

The educational and cultural affairs serves as part of the Public Affairs arm of the U.S. Department of State. Through public and private partnerships and tax payer funding this agency, they manage to host professional, academic, cultural and athletic exchanges

The Department of State plays the lead role in developing and implementing the President's foreign policy. Major responsibilities include United States representation abroad, foreign assistance, foreign military training programs, countering international crime, and a wide assortment of services to U.S. citizens and foreign nationals seeking entrance to the U.S.

Educational and cultural affairs is working and has been working on the Fulbright Program which operates in more than 155 countries worldwide and has provided participants with the opportunity to study, teach, or conduct research in each others' countries and exchange ideas.

The U.S. maintains diplomatic relations with approximately 180 countries — each posted by civilian U.S. Foreign Service employees — as well as with international organizations. At home, more than 5,000 civil employees carry out the mission of the Department.


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