an electronic painting project and more

"Electronic painting is the convergence of all the techniques invented so far to produce images, a stage in the evolution of languages, new ways of exploring the human mystery." Davide Coltro

"They change from atoms to bits is irrevocable and unstoppable. Why now? Because the change is also exponential -small differences of yesterday can have suddenly shocking consequences tomorrow." Nicholas Negroponte

"My definition of the media is very extensive; it includes every technology that creates extensions of the human body and senses, from clothes to computers." Marshall McLuhan

"The arts, including poetry and literature, should be taught by the artists who practice them, not by sterile professors." Ezra Pound

For a long time the Church has made covenants with you. You have built and decorated his temples, celebrated his dogmas, enriched his liturgy. You helped her translate her divine message into the language of shapes and figures, to make the invisible world understandable. Paul VI

"Let's invent tomorrow instead of worrying about what happened yesterday." Steve Jobs

"Beauty is a kind of supplement of being, of irradiation which is added to being." Jean Guitton

„Our life is half natural and half technological. Half-and-half is good. You cannot deny that high-tech is progress. We need it for jobs. Yet if you make only high-tech, you make war. So we must have a strong human element to keep modesty and natural life.“ Nam June Paik

“A day will come, and it is not far away, where we will be able to conclude business, study, learn about the world and its cultures, attend important shows, make friends, visit the neighborhood shops and show photographs to distant relatives, all without moving from desk or armchair. " Bill Gates

"Those who really think must learn to go beyond the appearance of the obvious and immerse themselves in the abyssal depths." Romano Guardini

"Art is continuous research, assimilation of past experiences, addition of new experiences, in form, content, matter, technique, means." Bruno Munari

Davide Coltro was born in Verona in 1967. He lives and works in Milan.