Protestation Musical Selection of the 1960's A.D: "Respect" By artist Mrs. Aretha Franklin By your boy thomato Lloyd

Aretha Franklin sang the song composed by Otis Redding, and performed with thirteen other performers on instruments ranging from Tenor Saxophone to Trumpet to Bass Guitar.

The song is entitled "Respect".

"Respect" was released c. 1967 Atlantic Recording Corp. for the US and WEA International for the world outside the US.

Franklin is not a mere One Hit Wonder, as she has released a variety of other music over the years, including hits like "I Never Loved A Man (The Way I Loved You), "Think", "Ain't No Way", and many more.

In my opinion, the lyrics seem to be talking about a woman, who gives all her time, money, respect and attention to her boyfriend/husband, but in turn, expects respect from him, supporting the idea of Women's Rights, as it seems they were not treated nearly as fairly as they should have.

"Respect" really fit into the latter half of the 1960's well, as it was dual-composed: for one, it had a female lead vocalist discussing Women's Rights; for two, Aretha Franklin was African American, which was another harshly-hit group of the time.

Although not relating to Civil Rights, other major events occurring in the world c. 1967 included: The United States and South Vietnam launch Operation Junction City against Viet Cong, which was the largest airborne attack against another country since WWII; Dr. James Bedford becomes the first person to be cryogenically preserved with intent of future resuscitation; and the world's 1st human heart transplant is performed by Dr. Christian Barnard in South Africa.

Overall, the song "Respect" attempts to relay the message that women should deserve as much respect as do men; meaning, men should do as much for women as women do for men.

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