The "Perfect Body" By: v.a

The media portrays that all girls have to look a certain way and be a certain figure. Society has pressured many girls to be perfect and are viewed as bullies to other girls just because of the way they look. For example, petite, tall long legs and to the extent of the color of the skin. Never the less when they start getting into the color of their eyes. the color of their hair and the length of their hair etc.

Many girls don't like being viewed differently or compared to other girls because of the way they look and their body type. Many girls get insecure about their weight or the shape of their body. I feel when you walk into a Victoria's Secret; do you notice an over-sized mannequin dressed with lingerie? At the end that could be assumed as a stereotype.

There have been many cases and stories of girls starving themselves to fit into society's and the medias way of how girls should look. For example, a young teen named Christie starved herself to death to aim for a perfect body. "Christie started dieting when she was 12 years old. In five years, she became so skinny to the extent that she collapsed one night and was taken immediately to the hospital as she was too underweight and weak due to her strict diet and eating disorder. Her passion to imitate her idol Miranda Terr went beyond the limits and pushed her to follow a very poor nourishment and a very rigorous exercise which sent her directly to the deathbed. The experience was a wake-up call for her to start changing her life and educate other teenagers and prevent them from falling into the same trap."

There is no such thing as a perfect body after all it is how you feel as a person. Don't get me wrong, there shouldn't be a reason why not to take care of ourselves. It does make a difference when we do it for vanity or ego.

At some points in time I tend to relate on insecurities on how my body or figure looks compared to the girls I see on social media or stores I shop at. I learned to not let it get me down as much as I used to. All girls including myself, have the ability to take care of ourselves and work out every now and then to keep our body in shape. I always wanted to be the same as the girls who naturally have a perfect body and look like the models in magazines, but I've learned we can't all look that way. Girls get insecure when they see a cute outfit on a mannequin or on a hanger but once they try it on it doesn't look right nor fit the same as we had pictured. I can honestly say I used to hate shopping for clothing because I felt like nothing looked good on me as other girls. I believe girls should be and think more positive when it comes to their selves and their body and looks because we are all beautiful in our own way no matter what shape or size we are.


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