Photo Composition Rules

Composition Rule #1: Rule of Thirds- This photo is the Rule of Thirds because the lion shown is in the third part of the picture if it were to be divided into a tic-tac-toe format.
Composition Rule #2 Repetition- This photo is repetition because the prisms are in a repeating pattern, this could also be selective focus because only the front most prism in focus whereas everything else is blurred.
Composition Rule #3 Angle- This photo is angle because the camera is below the focos point (the girl) and it's presumably at a worm's eye view.
Composition Rule #4 Strong Subject- this photo is strong subject b cause the main focus of the photo is the little girl and immediately that is the first thing that catches your eye, as for the background it is blurred and simplistic so there is nothing to distract you from the center of interest
Composition Rule #5 Framing- This photo is framing because the blurred fence naturally creates a frame around the skating individual on the side of the fence, who is the main photo subject.
Composition Rule #6 Leading Lines- The lines of the towers and the paved walking lines in between lead the viewer's eyes to main focal point which would be the mill.
Composition Rule #7 Selective Focus- this photo is selective focus because the flower is the only thing in view and not blurred rather then the boy who is holding it or the background behind him
Composition Error #1 Mergers- this photo is a merger error because the pole behind the person looks as if it's coming from the top of her head

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