Taking Care of Guinea Pigs Learn all about caring for your Guinea pig

Guinea Pigs are small, but don’t let them fool you! With their squeaks for food and them running around their cage in circles all day long… they can be way more than boring! As long as your Guinea Pig is happy and settled in, you can start getting to know it a little better. Continue reading to learn about what you need to know to start out, to feed, to bring to the vet, to play with and get to know your new pet.

Starting Out

Since you got or are getting a new Guinea Pig, there are many things you should know. First, you should make sure your new Guinea Pig will be comfortable in it’s new home. To do that you need 5 important things! #1: A roomy cage so it doesn’t feel trapped and bedding, #2: Some food bowls and dispensers, #3: One water bottle for the cage, #4: A waste scooper, #5 a claw clipper (Optional if you have the groomers do it.) Also don’t scare it, let it in it’s cage and give it a few minutes before excitedly pulling it out and playing with it. (Although, it may be hard to!)

Feeding your Guinea Pig

Although Guinea Pigs may like the taste of some foods, there is certain ones they cannot have. To feed your Guinea Pig, you should definitely know what to and not to feed it. For starters, don’t feed them seeds. You might be surprised the food owners give their pets. Some owners give their pets chips and pizza, but that is not good for them at all, and could harm or even kill them.

What you should give them is: leafy greens, carrots (Only in moderation), they love fruits, but you will have to remove the seeds first. Ok, now they have a few foods they need in order to stay healthy. They have hay and pellets they need to eat that you can get at any store for pets. Tip: Never get your pet’s food like pellets or hay at regular stores. Sometimes there are different bugs or moths in it. Always get it at brand name pet stores. You probably want the best for your pet… and though it may want to make some friends, bugs are not the answer!

Vet Visits

It seems like vet visits are required so they can torture your pet, although, this is not the case. They are suppose to help them get better so they can still play with you everyday! Here are some tips for these vet visits. Ok so, just like a doctor for you, you will want to find the best Vet for you and your Guinea Pig. To do that, you may need to attempt a few first. With Guinea Pigs, vet visits aren’t just barking at the cats or sprinting around an office. Vet visits are sitting, shaking, or running around inside their cage. A big tip is to NOT bring the whole cage. When taking yours to the vet, bring a carrying case (Which you could get at any pet store) or a big, roomy box with no lid and bedding or a blanket at the bottom.

Now you are ready to have a picture perfect time with your Guinea Pig!

If you are thinking of getting a Guinea Pig, there is a lot to consider. Make sure you do what is best for you and your new Guinea Pig, and remember to have lots of fun!

Are you Ready?


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