furry friend feeders fat to flat!

Have you ever forgot to feed your cat or dog?

With the Furry Friends Feeder your animal will never go hungry. With a timer and an amount you select. It feeds your animal at the time you select and the amount.

Colors, Sizes, Price

The furry friend feeder comes in 5 colors! It comes in stainless steal, black, pink, white, and blue. It comes in 3 sizes. Small for little puppies and cats. The medium size bowl is for the lap dogs or medium sized dogs. The large is for the massive dog in the world. the prices range from $20 for the small, $25 for the medium $30 for the large. You can find the Furry Friend Feeder at Pet smart or Petco

Our Mission

Our mission is for animals to never go hungry or get obese. We have seen so many animals die of famine. At the same time we see animals get feed to much that they don't move and die. We want animal to get feed the right amount so they can stay healthy and happy.

Our Philanthropy

We have teamed up with the ASPCA to get these bowls everywhere. For every bowl we will give 10% to ASPCA so they can feed and care for all the stray animals around the world.

Contact Info

You can contact us at 1-800-747-PETZ or go to our website at www.Petz.com.

Fat to Flat!


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