Building a One Button Studio A laymen's Guide

From concept to completion, the One Button Studio at the J. Willard Marriott Library took approximately 2 years to complete. Over the course the project, a committee was formed with technologist, librarians, and building planners to assess and collaborate all aspects of installation and iteration. The space chosen for the installation was a repurposed office not unlike the photo below.

The One Button Studio was partially funded by a University Teaching Committee grant through partnership with The Women's Resource Center. The Marriott Library funded the remainder of the project. A survey of faculty identified a campus-wide need for the expedited process of video creation, requirements for student-created media projects, and desire to incorporate visual communication and media literacy principles in the curriculum.

The students could benefit from recording their pronunciations/annunciations to develop their skills. This could also assist my work and develop my own personal recordings for course use. – Languages faculty
If the studio existed, I would switch from in-class presentation to self-recorded presentations that students can view on their own time. – Sociology faculty
[We are] considering ways to require our students (approx. 8,000 per year), to record pre- and post-reflections on their community engagement. – Bennion Community Service Center and Communication faculty

Our Goals

  • Emphasize and enhance teaching & learning content
  • Simplify video production process
  • Automate as much as possible
  • Advanced tools optional

The room needed electrical, mechanical, and fabrication work to allow for a truly functional install of required equipment. We selected a "middle" gray base paint to allow for some light bounce/absorption. Most of all the required software and hardware was selected from Penn States "Quick start guide"

The One Button Studio's was based upon the software developed by Penn State University's Media Center. Although the intent was simple, no plan survives through the first round of development. We quickly discovered major issues with the software (see our Mac Group blog on the development of a work around.)

to be cont'd...

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