To Kill A Mockingbird By Alex Cole

People protesting the recent acts of police brutality.

Every seven hours an American citizen is killed by a cop. Many consider this police brutality, the definition of police brutality is the use of any force exceeding that reasonably necessary to accomplish a lawful purpose. This has been a recurring theme in the U.S over the past couple of years and continues to be with these issues sparking many protests that violent and nonviolent. I will highlight three main sources the first one being the book To Kill A Mockingbird the second an article on the Rosa Parks bus incident and the final one on the case of Michael Brown’s death caused by Police force. In these three sources there are two main themes of racism and injustice. These themes cause the people to protest, change and become angered throughout a society.

In these two sources they show the protesting and anger that comes mainly with the theme of injustice. In my first source tkmb in a part where Jem and Miss Maudie are talking about going to the trial she had this to say "I am not. 'it's morbid, watching a poor devil on trial for his life. Look at all those folks, it's like a Roman carnival." (Lee, 264) From this quote you see the anger and passion she has for the trial and how she says that they are making the trial fun with the comparison to a Roman carnival. Now for my historical event I am going to talk to you about the Rosa Parks incident and the following bus boycott that happened. In the article they claimed “ The Rosa Parks incident got the attention of many within the following days thousands began boycotting the bus system.” (, Rosa Parks) This quote shows the after effect of an injustice with the boycotting of the bus system as a symbol of a peaceful protest.

Tkmb and my second source on the case of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri show the change in not only society but people after an event with racial problems. In tkmb when Tom is first convicted of the crime it affects his wife just as much “ Helen Robinson couldn’t find any work and Reverend Sykes became worried with her ability to support the family.” ( Lee, 232)This quote shows that this event and the racism towards Helen is really affecting her life and causing a huge change with the ability to find work. In my current event article a women was interviewed about the killing of Michael Brown “I recently met a woman, the mother of three black teenagers. She told me that after the Michael Brown shooting, she forbade her boys to wear hoodies. She warned them never to walk around with their hands in their pockets. She was terrified that someone would find her boys acting suspiciously and one of them would end up being killed.” ( O' Mara Poisoned Relationships...)This quote really to me showcases the effect of this on an outside person and how it put fears in her heart towards the policemen that are assigned to protect us and our rights.

All three of these sources have social and racial conflict between two different races and social class. The effects these events can have on society and the people are major as you can see from the quotes provided. What I want you to think about is how in our constitution it says everyone shall be treated as an equal so next time you put someone down about their race or their differences think about the problems you're causing them and how you make them feel and if you want to be treated like that.

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This is the cover of a memoir of an active rights member Jo Ann Gibson Robinson.


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