APEB on the National Stage

APEB ended 2016 with a splash as Executive Director Rob Newells closed the Sunday morning plenary session of the Inaugural National HIV PrEP Summit with an engaging talk describing the agency's path to Biomedical HIV Prevention Program implementation. It was one of many highlights for the year, which, while filled with constant change, was also marked by stability.


"A stable nonprofit is able to adapt to changing environments and more effectively serve the community." (NonprofitAnswerGuide.org)

For the first time since 2013, APEB is not going into the New Year with an outgoing Executive Director. Stability at the top means that the rest of the agency can finally start to regain its balance. We have restructured the organization into three departments (Care Services, Prevention Services, and The Wellness Center). A new management team has been assembled and is ready to hit the ground running in January.

Thinking Like a Startup

"...most innovative breakthroughs come from startups with almost no money, experience, or resources... startups are busy with the hard work of changing the world... They look at the world in ways that allow them to unleash their true creative potential." (Forbes.com)

A member of APEB's management team recently described the agency as "not a traditional nonprofit and not corporate, but kind of like a startup." With a new Administration, threatened funding cuts, and questions about the future of the Affordable Care Act, community-based organizations have to think differently. Challenge conventional wisdom by asking "why?", "what if?", and "why not?" Imagine what could be instead of focusing on what is. Forget the status quo. And don't wait. Thinking like a startup is what made the space for APEB's new Biomedical HIV Prevention Program. We expect that a startup mindset will help the agency adapt to whatever changes are on the horizon.

Looking Forward to 2017

When Will the Downtown Oakland Location Reopen?

The truth is that we don't know. Here is what we know:

  • HIV/HCV Testing and Outreach programs are active. Between our mobile testing unit and endless outreach events, HealthLink Navigators and Outreach Specialists are always engaged with community members. (Look for even more in the new year!)
  • YouthLink is active. The drop-in center at 5001 Foothill Boulevard in East Oakland is open for young people between 13 and 24 years old. In addition to the wide variety of support services offered by staff, guests can drop in to watch television, play video games and air hockey, surf the net, or just lounge on a couch for a while. (The second drop-in space will reopen in downtown Oakland after the Webster Street facility is available.)
  • Get REAL (Recovery, Education, And Life) is active. Get REAL substance use counseling program staff are available at 5003 Foothill Boulevard.
  • Medical Case Management programs are active. Ryan White and Project HOPE (AIDS Medi-Cal Waiver) Program case managers are stationed at our City of Refuge location (8400 Enterprise Way). They can be reached by calling the main agency telephone number (510-663-7979).
  • The Wellness Center is (almost) ready. Clinic staff are prepared for the California Department of Public Health to schedule a licensing site visit for our new two-exam room clinic at City of Refuge so that Dr. DeFreitas can start seeing patients again.
  • 1320 Webster Street is not quite ready for prime time, BUT... about a third of APEB's staff calls the 4th floor of 1322 Webster Street home.

Thank you!

Many thanks to all of our clients and supporters for believing in the agency's mission and standing with us in the struggle to end the HIV epidemic in Alameda County. APEB has been in the fight since 1983. One more year is in the books!

The struggle continues...

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