Color Using color

Using color intentionally, this is the color palette selected for the reference of "Sunset in the Bahamas "

Color pallet for this image and their ratio of color

Accent colors

The Accent colors come at the end. The piece a la restance

This is all theroryedical. This is the actual pallet for the piece on my pallet. Theory and study of color is important but use your artistic tuition too! Follow your muse enjoy the process and don't worry about the outcome. Your will look fresh. But do pay attention and learn the basics It will save you time in finding your true expression.

Warm color schemes include colors such as Red, Orange, and Yellows
Cool color schemes include colors such as Greens, Blues, Indigos, and Violets
Analogous colour schemes use colors that are next to each other on the color wheel for example: Red, Violet, Indogo, and Blue are analogous
Monochrome Color schemes use one hue but different tones and tints of that one hue, the background photo has an example of a blue monochrome color scheme.
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Christine MacLellan


Created with images by sagesolar - "Once bathed in warm sunshine" • muha... - "path to relaxation..." • Robson# - "Colour wheel" • RichTatum - "Shade of Blue"

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