Modern Physics Jordan Conner

The Four Fundamental Forces
  • Gravity - The force that pulls you down towards your seat
  • Electromagnetism - The force that holds the atoms of your seet together
  • Strong Nuclear - The force that holds the nucleus of an atom together
  • Weak Nuclear - The force responsible for radioactive decay
General Relativity

General Relativity is Einstein's explanation of gravity. The universe is like a stretched out sheet. Every object creates a dent in this sheet which creates gravity.

Quantum Mechanics

Quantum Mechanics is the section of physics that relates the subatomic. Quantum mechanics stated that objects exist in a haze of possibility. for instance an object has a certain chance of being in point A or a certain chance of being in point B.


Both general relativity and quantum mechanics try to explain how the universe works but the math on both sides don't match. So physicists have bean trying to unify the two theories.

String Theory

String theory is the theory created to unify general relativity and quantum mechanics. The theory states that the universe is made out of strings whose vibrations give the universe its properties. String theory also states that there could be as many as 11 dimensions.

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