Making scrunchies serves as a fun quarantine activity By: brooke dembin '22

Boredom has overcome the lives of many during this pandemic and this activity will be sure to lift the spirits of many. Scrunchies are an extremely popular item that's used by many not only because they're cute but also extremely useful. If you have any old clothing that doesn't fit, you can cut it and turn it into a scrunchie!

Materials: fabric, two safety pins, hot glue, hot glue gun, measuring tape, fabric scissors (if not accessible normal scissors will work ) and elastic.
To begin, cut any fabric of your choice (suggested measurements are twenty by three point five inches).
Next, measure the elastic around your wrist. It should be comfortably sized around your wrist so that it isn’t too tight and uncomfortable, while keeping it from falling off at the same time.
Turn fabric over and hot glue on the edge of one side of the fabric. Then, fold the other half over.
Once that is done, pin the safety pin on the end of the fabric and attach elastic. Place another safety pin on the opposite end of the elastic.
After, thread the safety pin through the elastic and evenly scrunch material.
Then glue the opposite ends of the elastic together. This part will keep the scrunchie as one whole unit.
Next, fold one side of the fabric under the other and then glue together.
After the glue dries you can put your hair up with these adorable scrunchies! Not only are they really cute but they are also super useful. Whether it's for putting your hair up or just matching one with your outfits, scrunchies are extremely handy. These scrunchies are so versatile with material, and perfect for creating an adorable accessory during quarantine.