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Photography for-tells stories synonymous with our own primal, intrinsic desires to dive in and implicate, merge, and experience our external environments. The pause that holds us silently whilst observing opens doors that capture untold stories only we could conquer. Images filter constructs of rapacious emotional rapture. Visual stimulation impacts the exploration of the psyche through the processes of association thus hurdling emotions, voyeurism, pity, rage, lament. All of these perhaps, visionary in one stillness. A pause conveying all possibility. In formal terms, my current work is an exploration of how form is determined by, and conversely determines, space. Frank Guiller.


Revelations of Identity, 2018

The relationships, dreams, hope, and cultural values that support the voyage are given a voice within Frank Guiller artworks examines cultural transformation. Expanding on Epicurus’ idea that “nothing is lost, everything is transformed. Guiller’s work focuses on capturing physical gestures and temporal traces. He aims to reveal the transformative existence of life, to bring about the underlying order of nature and to raise questions about mobility, portability and labor gendering. Through the tactile, visceral experience of making art using the hands, the structural world, usually invisible to the naked eye, is revealed. Frank Guiller is interested in transformation and continuity. -I try to pay Homage to the Jewish Identity: Also the institutional and community diversification of the Jewish communities that are settled in NY and NJ and effects that these produced by the establishment symbolic boundaries with the communities and institutions and the non-Jewish environment, the perceptions of a way of interacting and assimilation of integrated relations. Finally proposed contributions through the image of the religious concept of the identity-. Those symbols that seem to breed from the memory of our heritage. Frank Guiller documents and memorializes the priceless legacies of immigrants, their nostalgia’, he pays homage to the cyclical, cross-cultural nature and dynamic beauty of the immigrants, offering hope and opportunity amid alienation, welcomes visitors to walk along in order to reflect upon the concept of “passage,” the process of migration and states of transience. The experience as told through all the artworks in the exhibition highlights concepts of sustainability of our society’s long-term potential, dependent upon responsible use of resources and balancing the disruptive relationship between both humans and their environment, and among humans with each other. Frank Guiller represents the content search for the truth, the transparency of all things to come. By Alexis Mendoza.

Revelations of Identity, N. J. 2018, _Media: D/C - Print on metallic; Fuji paper, _Size: Various, _Location: New Jersey, New York, _Years: 2015 - 2018, Sponsor by: "Union City Public Affairs."

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