Medical research and advances a presentation on Medicine and disease during the victorian era

With Queen Victoria's reign starting in 1837 and finishing off at the beginning of 1901, the United Kingdom experienced times of prosperity and defeat. With many benefits that came with The Victorian Era, diseases, medical advancements and research grew and allowed for people to either get treated or suffer in their despair.


Disease in every time period was always persistent but never the same. As time passed, people always had diseases that affect the human body in some way or another. In The Victorian Era, common diseases that spread during that particular time period consisted of Cholera, Typhoid, and Tuberculosis. These three allowed for most of the population at the time to suffer and decrease with a rapid rate. Most of these diseases spread throughout the lower working class, but whether you were of the rich or poor, everyone was affected.

John Snow and his graph that pictured contaminated wells in London

John Snow and the "Grand Experiment"

Just as Cholera started growing and spreading around London, a physician known as John Snow found a cure for Cholera. He conducted an experiment know as the "Grand Experiment" that allowed for him to find the source of the disease and exterminate it.

Health in The Victorian Era

Because such diseases were present at the time, the life span of the average human lasted till age 50. Factors that contributed to this low life span were the lack of sanitary and dietary needs.

Doctors and the need for medicine

As most of the population was being affected greatly by disease and sickness, positive results came into action as well. Soon, doctors, surgeons, and the few apothecaries, allowed room for improvement and acceptance of new ways to treat these common diseases.

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