Towers Falling By: Jewell Parker rhodes

Towers Falling is book about a young girl name Deja living in New York. Her mother moved here from Jamaica for a better life. But something happened to her family that changed their life forever. Deja and her family are currently living in a homeless shelter. Deja family sends her to a new school called Brooklyn Collective Elementary. There Deja makes some new friends Ben and Sabeen. Their teacher teaches the of a event called 9/11 and together they will learn not only about their city but how the event effected them.

Deja is slender, small-headed, and greyish brown eyes. Deja starts off young and uneducated and ends with her having knowledge about the events and her family and mentally older

  • allusion when they describe the towers, skyline, and memerioal
  • foreshadowing when pop refers back to the towers falling
  • simile " Avalon looks like a jail"
  • personification "history is alive"

The theme of this book is the events of the world effect you even if it wast in your life time

  • intro- Introducing the family and the families history
  • conflict- pop cant work and ma is always working so it leaves Deja to take care of the kids
  • rising action- Deja starts a new school and they being to learn about the events of 9/11
  • climax- Deja and her new friend skip school to go and visit the 9/11 memorial center
  • falling action- Dejas po finds out they she went and he decides to have a talk with her
  • resolution- Po explain his connection with 9/11 and how it still effects him


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