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Hello, welcome to my page. My name is Dustin Figuli. I live in Arizona and I go to San Tan Foothills high school. I am a high school freshman I am currently learning how to be a video game designer. I've created and designed a game already call " Quest for Food " . I'm currently studying design, electronics and how they work, and foreign languages soon. I've been living with technology my whole life. I've been preparing for my future after high school. Going to college to learn game design and get my masters degree. The main purpose of why I want to create and design games is to entertain others and to help and encourage others. I am capable of doing a lot of things if given the opportunity. I love video games because it gives me the feeling of excitement, pleasure, and it lets me be me. I want to give others that same feeling.

Here are some examples of what I've done :

Those are some things I've done. I've made and designed a game. I created a character. I also wrote my own script for my game. I am very independent on my work, but I get it done.

Here is my portfolio video,

Thank you for taking time out of your day to look at my website and portfolio.

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