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Happy Friday! We hope you're enjoying the summer weather and getting out on the road to take in the scenery! And if you're looking for something to do next weekend, consider adding Artomobilia to your calendar, if you haven't already! This event takes place next Saturday, August 24th, from 12pm-5pm in the Arts & Design District in Downtown Carmel. Aside from the hundreds of cars on display - from German autos like BMW, Volkswagen, Mercedes, Porsche, Mini, Audi to American classics to exotics and everything in between - there is something for everyone! Dining, shopping, art galleries and more await! Reggie's Motorworks will have a booth space set up so be sure to come and say hello!

This week we'll be taking a look at two German cars in our garage that may have a new home later this month! Wait....what?!? I know, I know, say it isn't so! How does that old saying go? "Too many cars, too little time." Hmmm, that doesn't sound quite right... Whatever the case, we haven't enjoyed these cars as much as they deserve for what they are! Sure, Reggie has driven the M5 in the hills of Brown County and thoroughly enjoyed it. And Ralph, the 2002, attended The Vintage in North Carolina in 2018 and acquired his name while parked and photographed by an awesome graffiti wall on a scavenger hunt. So, you see, these fine automobiles haven't been neglected. On the contrary! With our boys and our priorities right now, something's got to give. To make a long story short, Reggie met and has been in contact with a gentleman who consigns cars for RM Sotheby's. He came to visit and took a look at these two vehicles, and voila! They'll be on display and driving onto the auction block at Auburn's Fall event! You can take a look at their listings in the official catalog here: 1968 BMW 2002 and 1991 BMW M5. It was so fun to photograph these cars for the listings! Here are some of my favorites!

Thanks for tuning in to this week's edition! We hope to see you next weekend at Artomobilia! Until then, have a fantastic day!

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