Sutton Hoo A discovery is found

Edith Pretty lives on farmland in Sutton Hoo. Outside of her house have always been eleven mounds. Mrs Pretty lives with her nine year old son and used to live with Mr Pretty (who sadly passed away a few years ago). Yesterday, one of the most important discoveries was found on her land. The find was not unexpected as Mrs Pretty had a dream that important treasure would be unearthed on her farm. A longboat, thought to be a burial site was discovered. This discovery was as long as fifteen grown men and it is believed that it would have taken one hundred men to carry the structure. The finds were made possible by an amateur archaeologist named Basil Brown. In the long boat some remains of a wealthy man lay, surrounded by treasures and weaponry never seen in over a thousand years.
There were 11 mounds and the 11th mound was bigger than the rest. Edith Pretty was therefore very intrigued by this one.
Edith Pretty, who has money, hired an archaeologist called Basil Brown and suggested he dig up the largest mound. Basil Brown started to dig up the smaller mounds first though. Edith Pretty quoted “ I have never seen such a big mound; I remember running up and tumbling down the mound as a child!”.
As Basil Brown started to dig up the 11th mound, he came across something big and wooden. The uncovered longboat was the size of 15 grown men.
Also Basil Brown came across some gold belt buckles and some gold coins.

Edith's son watched from his bedroom window cowering as his favourite mound, that he likes rolling down the most, was dug up by Basil Brown's team.

Finally, Basil Brown finished digging up the 11th mound and in the massive hole was a colossal Anglo-Saxon long boat. Within the boat was a trove of treasure.
Edith will donate these treasures to the British Museum so that generations can see them and learn from them.

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