A Day in Lassen County Trails, lakes, parks, and more!

Photo Credit: @flashcannon

Vacation opportunities in Lassen County are rich and varied - you'll find everything from excellent trails to stunning lakes. Below we've put together some of our favorite sites for a day that encapsulates the best that Lassen County has to offer.

Lassen Volcanic National Park

Start you day off by exploring Lassen Volcanic National Park. Looking for reccomendations? Cinder Cone offers a great hike, and fantastic views of the nearby Painted Dunes - a beautiful testament to the area's volcanic history.

Background Photo Credit: Rob Crenson

Eagle Lake

After you've hiked Cinder Cone, head on over to Eagle Lake. Eagle Lake is home to the world famous Eagle Lake Trout, a species entirely unique to the lake. Fishing not your bag? The lake also features beaches, marinas, and picnic areas, so there's no shortage of fun to be had no matter what!

The Bizz Johnson Trail

Time to hit the trails! The Bizz Johnson Trail is known as one of the best “rail to trail” conversions in California. The trail winds 25.4 miles through the rugged Susan River Canyon following the old Southern Pacific Railroad line and features twelve bridges, two tunnels and beautiful views of the surrounding mountains - perfect for biking or a leisurely walk.

Susanville Ranch Park

Your last stop of the day is Susanville Ranch Park. This 1,100 acre park features trails for hiking, running, cycling, and horseback riding, not the mention plenty of spots for picnicking. (Picnic dinner in the park perhaps?) You couldn't find a prettier place to end your Lassen County day!

Photo Credit: Matthew McLain