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Welcome to the 2016-17 School Year!

Scroll down to view students engaged in learning this past week throughout our district!

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Featured this week:

  • Colorado Elementary: Grades K-5
  • Colorado Elementary: Mrs. Hines' Kindergarteners
  • Franklin Elementary: Miss Harder's Kindergarteners
  • Franklin Elementary: Miss Week's 5th Graders
  • Jefferson Elementary: Principal Spies and a New Jefferson Bear
  • McKinley Elementary: Mrs. Baars' and Mrs. Axtell's Classes
  • CMS 6th Grade New Muskie Day
  • CMS: Mrs. Randleman's Art Class
  • WMS: Ms. Bezdek's ELA Class
  • WMS: Ms. Matteson's 6th Grade ELA Class
  • East Campus: Mr. Falkena's Class
  • East Campus: Ms. Shepherd's Class
  • MHS: Marching Band at the Fall Kickoff
  • MHS: Recycling Crew
  • MHS: FFA - State Fair Students


This week is all about setting expectations and establishing routines at Colorado School!

Kindergarten students are eating their first meals in the cafeteria and learning how to use a lunch ticket, carry their trays, open their milk cartons and so much more. There’s so much to learn in kindergarten!
First Graders are learning how to sit on the risers and be responsible participants in Mrs. Voss’s music class. Look at those great listeners!
Second Graders are brainstorming ways to make a great team in Mrs. Smith’s class. They even learned about The Golden Rule when interacting with others.
Third Graders are “Focusing and Finishing” their beginning of year work in their ELA folders in Mrs. Mohrer’s class.
Fourth graders are discussing expectations and components of a successful reading program in Mrs. Stewart’s classroom and completing their first set of Spiral Reviews for math.
Fifth graders have been practicing setting up and utilizing Google Classroom in Mrs. Hartman’s room.

Mrs. Hines Kindergarten class at Colorado Elementary started school this week! We are so excited to be in Kindergarten! It is going to be a great year!

Mrs. Hines Kindergarten class


Miss Harder's kindergarteners on their first day of school (left), and a kindergartener enjoying their new playground equipment!

Miss Harder's kindergarteners

5th grade students in Ms. Week's class at Franklin are learning about STEM. This week they completed a cup moving challenge and had to build a structure (out of one piece of paper and a small amount of paint) that would support a dictionary.

5th grade students in Ms. Week's class.


Principal Spies welcomes a new Jefferson Bear to the 2016-17 school year.

Principal Spies and a Kindergarten student at Jefferson.


Mrs. Baars' and Mrs. Axtell's Third Grade classes participated in the Marshmallow Challenge and Saving Sam STEM activities. These activities required students to use certain materials to create a structure and test possible solutions to a problem. The students had to rely on teamwork and learn how to devise a plan all while having a blast learning their first few days of school!

Mrs. Baars' and Mrs. Axtell's Third Grade classes.


New Muskie Day

Central Middle School 6th graders participated in fun activities during New Muskie Day that promoted team building and getting to know staff and each other.

Pictured are CMS student winners of the tallest noodle & marshmallow sculpture in Mrs. Randleman's art class.

Pictured are CMS student winners of the tallest noodle & marshmallow sculpture.


Mrs. Bezdek's ELA classes worked on their critical thinking skills during a bridge building competition. Students started by reading informational text about four different bridge types. Students then used the facts they learned and provided materials (notecards, popsicle sticks, paper clips, etc.) to attempt to build the sturdiest bridge in the class. It was a successful day with only one bridge collapse!

Mrs. Bezdek's ELA classes at WMS.

Sixth graders in Ms. Matteson's 6th grade ELA classes are excited to read after a summer away from school. All week, they have asked to check out books from the library, and today they have been rewarded with reading time. Their love of reading has made Ms. Matteson's heart very happy!

Sixth graders in Ms. Matteson's 6th grade ELA classes.


East Campus science students in Mr. Falkena's class are beginning to settle into their new surroundings at MCC by exploring the native prairie restoration at the Bridgestone-Bandag Learning Center. Students are cataloguing the species they are able to observe through photographs and descriptions. This is the first step in conducting several investigations over the course of the fall semester dealing with species interdependency and populations in a restoration area.

East Campus science students.

Ms. Shepherd's East Campus students are excited about their new campus (left) and volunteered to help MCC get ready for the college kids (right)!

Ms. Shepherd's East Campus students.


The Mighty Muskie Marching Band performed at the Fall Kickoff.

The Mighty Muskie Marching Band.

NEW MUSKIE DAY: Monday, August 22 was the first day of school for 390 students in the Class of 2020 at MHS. Student Council led a session to inform the freshman on the do's and don't at MHS and how to get involved in the many sports and clubs. The MHS Pep Band played as the New Muskies entered the building for the start of their day.


The MHS Recycling Crew is back in action! They are responsible for collecting paper, cans and bottles at Muscatine High School. Each week they visit over 140 classrooms to keep the building nice and clean.

The MHS Recycling Crew.

MHS FFA students were busy in the month of August at the State Fair!

MHS FFA students.

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