All Logos

Identity: The Vikings have been lacking in the quarterback and head coach and are well know for Adrian peterson

Name: The Vikings got their name form Minnesota's Scandinavian Heritage

Colors: The Vikings got Yellow From Their Scandinavian Heritage

Rebrand: The team changed their logo to the 2nd one because it needed an update they changed to the 3rd just to clean it up and make it look more professional


All Past Logos of the Steelers

Identity: The Steelers are know for making risky plays in situations that they shouldn't and it paying off

Name: The Steelers got their name because Pittsburghs highest industry is steel

Colors: The Steelers got their colors from the ingredients in Steel, Coal(Yellow) and Iron(Red) and Scrap Steel(Blue)

Rebrand: The Steeler have had 4 logos and each time it has changed to revolve more around steel


Identity: They have been decent and are known for demar derozen

Name: A Nation wide contest was held to choose the colors and name

Colors: See name

Rebrand: They wanted to have a raptor in the logo for kids but once the movies lost popularity they changed away

Under Armor Sells hunting stuff

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