Ancient Egyptian Medicine Ancient egypt

Egyptian medicine makes their ancient culture unique. In ancient Egyptian times their medicine was great. They used their medicine for many things like colds, stomach aches, headaches, bowel troubles, asthma, and pain relief. Most problems with had different cures and only a few had the same.

Their physicians are very important people within their medicine. The physicians made the remedies and performed all the surgeries on the Egyptians. The Egyptians relied a lot on their physicians because back then a simple fever could kill them without proper medicine. Both men and woman were physicians. Merit Ptah, who was a woman was the Chief Physicians. 200 years later a woman named Peseshet was the Supervisor of Physicians. Imhotep and Hesy-Ra were also physicians. Under Akhenaten, in the New Kingdom a man named Penthu was the Chief Physician. The Egyptians prayed to a special goddess named Sekhmet. Sekhmet was the goddess of healing. They prayed to her whenever they were hurt or sick.

Farms were a very important site of the ancient Egyptians. Many things like honey, milk, sesame, frankincense, thyme, poppy seeds, aloe, mustard seeds, and juniper were grown on farms. All of those ingredients were incorporated in medical purposes. Therefore farms were very important to the Egyptians.

In the display honey, milk, sesame seeds, frankincense, thyme, poppy seeds, aloe, mustard seeds, and juniper are all incorporated in these cures. In the boxes you can see what the physicians use to cure their patients. This is why Egyptians medicine makes their culture unique.

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