Most Valuable Senior Angel's perfect picture photography by angel lee

Being an MVSenior is like having a FUN part time job! Your job is to talk about me and my photography! If you for example are browsing Facebook and see a friend looking for a photographer, you tag me or direct them to me.

I will be choosing one senior from all schools except Garden City & Leoti, I will choose two!

MVSenior's are students who represent Angel's Perfect Picture Photography by Angel Lee in exchange for senior portraits and much more! Here at Angel's Perfect Picture Photography by Angel Lee we love to SPOIL our seniors! Not only do you get one free session, you get two full and two mini sessions! HOW AMAZING IS THAT!

Angel’s Perfect Picture Photography by Angel Lee does have a couple of rules for our MVSeniors; reason is because the other classes like freshmen and juniors look up to you! You are the example! So keep that in mind!


2. You MUST keep your grades up!


4. NO cell phones at the sessions!

©Angel's Perfect Picture Photography by Angel Lee

All seniors who sign contract get 50% off a family session!

©Angel's Perfect Picture Photography by Angel Lee

Also starting in 2017 every MVSenior will receive a personalized gift from me, to thank you for all your hard work!

Other ways I like to thank you is by giving print credits for EVERY referral you bring to me! You will earn $10-$250 (depending on what they purchase) per referral. Weddings, quinces, Special Events are worth more m

©Angel's Perfect Picture Photography by Angel Lee


Please show your Phone app and photo’s to EVERYONE YOU CAN! Some of your friends will like certain styles and some will prefer others. That is why variety is very important in choosing your clothing for your session. As you show the phone app to your friends, freely pass out your cards and ask them to consider Angel’s Perfect Picture Photography by Angel Lee for their senior portrait experience. Tell them about the variety of photographs we can take of them both indoors and outdoors and share with them ideas you’ve seen. You can even suggest that they have their portraits done in a certain style or with a particular prop.

©Angel's Perfect Picture Photography by Angel Lee

When you are asked about cost, just refer them to me, that’s the good part. Stress the fact the you get what you pay for. Remind them it is critical that they bring your photo card with them when they come in for their session! This is our way of knowing that you are doing a good job and evaluating the effectiveness of the MVSenior program.


Your session will be at your favorite spot and are meant to show as many styles as possible. Don’t forget about your hobbies and interests both in and out of school. We are only limited by your creativity. Bring along your class ring, letter jacket, uniforms, etc. If you would like black and white images, be sure to bring clothing that is black, white or high in contrast; also color-splash is available. Please feel free to make suggestions about clothing selections, poses and locations. If there is a particular look you would like to imitate, bring it along

©Angel's Perfect Picture Photography by Angel Lee


Each person who mention’s you’re name, you get any where between $10-$250 per referral!

-At 6 referral’s you PAY for your Senior Collection saving you over $200 or more!

-At 8 referral’s you receive a free MINI with your BFF/Boyfriend/animal whoever you choose!

-At 11 referral’s you get a $50 Visa Gift Card!

-At 15 referrals you win a mini fridge for your dorm room!

-At 30 referrals you will win A CD OR DIGITAL DOWNLOAD WITH 30-40 PRINT READY IMAGES and print release up to a 11x14 print size.

- 50 referral’s you get a $200 Visa Gift Card!

-60 referral’s you get a FREE Canvas Cluster of your choice (Value up to $700)!

-70 referrals you will win $200 CASH to use either on books or tuition!

©Angel's Perfect Picture Photography by Angel Lee


1. A two full senior session that has to be paid for unless if referral goals are met, as well as one FREE MINI with all seniors, and another at spring time. The 1 FREE MINI Session will be shot May - June at a location of our choosing (don’t worry, you pick the locations for your full session!) During the May / June session there will be a group session where I will photograph all the MVSenior’s together. Must have a flexible summer schedule during the weekends. You get to choose when and where to do your session!

2. Digital poof images to use on your Facebook, Twitter and other social media (with our logo on them).

3. The opportunity to earn print credit for every person you refer to Angel’s Perfect Picture for any type of collection or type of session.

4. 25 personalized photo business cards to hand out to your friends (more can be ordered). You may get credit for referrals by mouth or cards!

5. I will use several of your favorite photos as advertisement for years to come!

6. Goal System to try to beat, going all the way up to earning $200 cash towards your college books or tuition!

7. Discounts on your print other orders 10% in the future with Angel‘s Perfect Picture up to 2 years.

8. 50% off all family sessions, for all MVSeniors!

©Angel's Perfect Picture Photography by Angel Lee


1. When you know when your session is scheduled, suggest that they bring one friend along to share the experience BUT NO CAMERA‘S/ PHONES.

2. Remind them that getting their pictures done early will allow us more time to hang out and create unforgettable memories.

3. Talk to them about variety, posing and props.

4. Tell them that my goal is to give the best portrait they have ever had.

5. Remember that you can also hand out your photo cards to friends from other schools or even people not in school! Every referral counts!

©Angel's Perfect Picture Photography by Angel Lee
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Angel Lee


©Angel's Perfect Picture Photography by Angel Lee

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