Increased Velocity Journey Log 4

Habits of Mind: Creativity and Persistence

Professor Dangerous. The Napoleon of Crime. James “Jim” Moriarty. He has many names and many faces they say but can never be seen. He reeks crime from the shadows, hidden from all but only those worthy enough to see him for his true genius. James Moriarty is a special kind of criminal. More creative than your average painter, more elusive than your own shadow, and more intelligent than the smartest person you know. James Moriarty has only one true goal and it takes many many hours of watching the show and reading his stories to understand what that is. I’ll get to that later. Moriarty is unlike any criminal one has ever crossed. Some criminals take pride in the acknowledgment of their dastardly deeds and revel in the fact that their name is on every wanted posted. Some do it for personal enjoyment, killers like to kill. Rapists like to rape. On the evil person spectrum these types of people are fairly common and do not compare to a true criminal like James Moriarty. Let’s look at other well-known villains that more than likely come to your mind when the topic is discussed.

First let us speak of a common one everyone knows, Lord Voldemort. Lord Voldemort or the Dark Lord divided his soul into pieces for when he would come back and make his return to take over the world. These were called Horcrux’s. Now when he did this he left one inside a boy and I’m guessing you know who, the famous Harry Potter, the boy with the scar. As the books got further and further along eventually this was realized and Harry was targeted by every evil magician and demon. See Voldemort’s motive was easy, Kill Harry and retrieve his soul so he could be the most powerful wizard that ever lived and take over the world. Now while the whole story line is much more complex and well written than that that was ultimately his goal. To achieve his goal Voldemort killed many people and did horrible, horrible things. The biggest similarity between them was each’s own drive and persistence to achieve their goal. Now although Voldemort is one of the greatest villains of all time I would not say he is anywhere near the complexity of James Moriarty. A simple stalking of one person and eventual attempt to kill him would be too dull of an event for the Napoleon of Crime. Although Voldemort was feared throughout the wizard world, everyone knew who he was though they dare speak his name. Now in comparison Moriarty was feared without people knowing who or what they were fearing. Even after citizens in Sherlock Holmes stories were terrorized they had no idea why something happened to them or who was to blame for it. That is true evil genius and although it may be difficult to draw comparisons between Voldemort and Moriarty because of the story lines they live in we can always compare and contrast who is more of a criminal mastermind.

James Moriarty in undeniably the most of elusive and complex criminals of all time. His true goal was never to kill anyone, be rich, or have power. No his true goal was too look for a challenge, a worthy adversary to counter his genius. Someone to understand the way his mind thinks and functions and try to counter it. This is why James Moriarty picked Sherlock. Not for his way of solving all of his crimes, but because he possessed the intellectual capacity to compete with Moriarty himself. Something no one else had ever been able to come close to doing before the super sleuth himself.


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