Air Pollution In India By: Emily and Eleonor

What causes air Pollution in India?

Air pollution is very serious in India. The causes of Air pollution in India is fuel wood and biomass, fuel adulteration, vechical emission and traffic congestion. Autumn and winter is a large scale crop residue burning in agriculture fields. Fuelwood and biomass burning is the main reason why there near-permanent haze smoke in India. Fuelwood and biomass is used for cooking and for heating in India. The cook stoves in India are called chullah or chulha. These cook stoves are presented in over 100 million Indian households. The cook stoves are used two to three times a day. Fuelwood and biomass is inefficient source of energy, it burns high levels of smoke. India is actually the largest consumer of fuelwood and biomass for energy purposes. India burns over 200 million tonnes of coal for cooking and other domestic use. Fuelwood and biomass burns releases over 165 million tonnes of combustion products India's indoor and outdoor air.

Kids going to school, trying not to breathe in the toxic air in India.

What affects India with air pollution?

Air pollution in India causes health problems. India is worsening air pollution and causing 1.1 million people to dir prematurely each year. In 2010 India outdoor pollution caused over 6,200 deaths. The deaths in India raised up from 100,000 in 2000. Air pollution isn't just bad for breathing air it can cause heart attacks, strokes, respiratory infections, and lung cancer. 450 experts reported that outdoor air pollution is a form of fine particles that contributed to 3.2 million deaths globally in 2010, also 800,000 deaths went just 10 years earlier. Indoor and outdoor air pollution serious diseases, ischemic heart diseases, and chronic polumomary obstructive disease. In India there is a toxic smog that has enveloped in New Delhi. New Delhi is turning into the most polluted city on the planet.

Kids standing out in the road wearing masks becuase the air in India is toxic. .

What is India doing to stop air pollution?

The minister of India, Arvind Kejriwal held an emergency meeting about Inda's air pollution. There are 13 steps that minister, Arvind Kejriwal assigned to help India's air pollution. Here are the steps that minister, Arvjnd Kejriwal assigned. " 1. All schools in the city are shut down until Wednesday. 2. Badarpur Thermal Power Station, a coal power plant in east Delhi is closed for the next 10 days. 3. All kinds of construction and demolition activities is prohibited until Friday. 4. The Public Works Department, a government agency that manages construction and maintenance of roads and government buildings, has been instructed to sprinkle water on roads of 100-feet and longer at least once a week. 5. The use of generators powered by diesel is prohibited until Friday, except for those used by key services like hospitals or mobile towers. 6. The local government has promised stricter enforcement of laws that ban the burning of leaves and garbage. It said government officers will be held accountable for any lapses in their respective areas. 7. Roads will be vacuum-cleaned starting Nov. 10. 8. The transportation of fly ash, a byproduct of coal power generation, from Badarpur Thermal Power Station will be prohibited for the next 10 days and water will be sprinkled on dumped fly ash at the plant to prevent it from spreading in the air. 9. The Municipal Corporation of Delhi, a government agency in charge of cleanliness and waste collection in most parts of the city, has been directed to ensure that fires emanating from landfill sites are stopped immediately. 10. Delhi government departments have been directed to start making preparations to reintroduce the odd-even program, a system last implemented in April to thin out traffic. According to the rules, cars with license plates with even numbers and those with odd numbers are allowed on the roads on alternate days. 11. Health and environment departments have been asked to issue air-pollution related health advisories. 12. Delhi government’s environment department will launch a mobile app immediately to enable the public to report cases of garbage burning. 13. A committee led by the chief secretary and the environment secretary will, with the central government, explore the possibilities of creating artificial rain over Delhi to bring down the level of dust in the air. " Those are the ways that minister, Arvind Kejriwal said that India can do to help the air pollution to stop in Inda.

A group of women protesting about air pollution killing millions of people each year.



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