Pride at NAIT: Photo Gallery Images: Leigh Kovesy, Jeanette Sesay, Amy Bizovie

NAIT is celebrating its fifth annual Pride Walk from March 4-8. 2019! The event kicks off with the Pride Walk on Monday morning, as NAIT students and staff dress up and enthusiastically wave rainbow flags as they walk all over Main Campus, about a 45-minute tour through most of the buildings.

NAIT students at the 2018 Pride Walk.

The week is an opportunity to celebrate, reflect and learn more about the LGBTQ2+ community.

There are a wide range of activities for the NAIT community to attend during Pride Week! Everything from aromantic or asexual meet-ups to a LGBTQ2+ self-care workshop, and an all body, inclusive workout.

Participants even had rainbow mustaches at the event in 2016!
There will also be another drag show at this year's event, featuring Edmonton group Homo-cidal.

Organizers say student involvement has consistently grown since the first NAIT Pride Week.

A throwback to NAIT's first pride walk.

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