SPACE EXPLORATION it has 9 planets in the space

in space there has 9 planets
America,China and Russia only use space exploration to monitor other countries'army and defence capabilities
  • Perhaps the best answer lies in our history.Nearly all successful civilisations have been willing to exploring,the dangers of surrounding areas may be identified and prepared.
  • How much money is spent on space exploration? $1.5-$2 billion per year
  • Where is the money spent for?in the space for astronaut
  • It is true that space may bring peace to the world.I like suggest that most of the information used by the world superpower like USA,RAUSSIA,CHINA to other's armies
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alfiya imran


Created with images by NASA Goddard Photo and Video - "NASA Unveils Celestial Fireworks as Official Image for Hubble 25th Anniversary" • skeeze - "solar system planets space" • qimono - "earth globe moon" • NASA Goddard Photo and Video - "False Color View of Mercury" • skeeze - "solar system planets space" • tonynetone - "asteroids circling planet mercury" • skeeze - "montage planets jupiter" • PIRO4D - "astronaut astronomy satellite" • musgrove - "planet space abstract"

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