5 More Sleeps By: Madison Bowling

"How many more days, Mum?" Shouted Banks.

"Only 5 more sleeps, and we will be on the greatest ship ever built," said Mum in excitement. My mum, my brother, my da, and I are 5 sleeps away from boarding the most mind boggling ship ever! As I sat down at the supper table, I noticed a doofer on the table.

"What is that, Mum?" I asked.

"Oh, just a a rugby ball your father found outside. Now eat up children, you have a bath to get to shortly." My mum explained.

"Mum, when Father gets home do you think he would want to play rugby with me in the backyard?" I asked hoping for a positive response from Mum.

"I'm sorry dear but by the time Father gets home it will be supper time, then bath time, and then bed time. Maybe Father will get home early tomorrow so you to can play." said Mum.

"Ok Mum." I sighed in sadness as she put the potatoes on the plates.

As we got out of the bath, we jumped into bed and went to sleep.

Annie's Room

"BEEDO BEEDO BEEDO," Screamed my brother as he played with his toy car. He had a action figure that looked like the fuzz. I told him to keep it down, but then he told on me. As He was telling on me, I took his car and threw it out the window. He will never see that dumb toy car ever again. I got in even more trouble, but it was worth getting some rest before my alarm clock sounded. That day, we settled on the flats for a spot of tea and crumpets. I got the biggest crumpet as always. While sitting on the the flat, we spot Da turning the corner on his way home. Banks and I decide to chase after Da and surprise him with a crumpet.

The tea and crumpets Annie and Banks brought to their dad.

As the day went about, Mum and I settled down and did some school work. I couldn't find my rubber, until I walked past Banks and found him with it. I smacked his hand, and took back my rubber. As always, I got in trouble and Banks walked away like a free boy. I finished my work, and went straight to bed. I whispered to myself, "3 more sleeps," and then I feel into a deep sleep.

Annie's lost pencil her brother had all that time.

We have 2 more days here in Newfoudland till we will be on our way to New York. Just as I was packing my bag, I got into an argy-bargy with my brother over what suitcase to store my one of a kind eating irons in. I ended up not packing my eating irons because mum wouldn't allow me to. Later that day, I happened to peep over my da's shoulder to find him writing a letter to his gaffer about getting a raise. It caused me to worry because what if his gaffer gets angry at him and fires him? Then would we have to live on the streets? I had to tell my mum about it before he sent that letter! While my mum was looking at the idiot box, I tried to giver her hints about the letter Da was planning on sending. She never seemed to pick up what I was trying to tell her so eventually this came out, "Da is writing a letter to his gaffer about getting a raise!" Mum was in no surprise. She explained to me how they have both discussed this fact and have been preparing to ask. This made me worry meter go down a ton.

Annie, and her family at the going away party.

That night, we had an "away party" with some of our close friends that was knees up. Banks ended up having a paddy because it was way past his bed time. After Banks was brought upstairs my mate, Alice, decided to take the mickey. We all began to laugh. We laughed so hard I wouldnt have been surprised if the neighbors called the Rozzer and filed a noise complaint. When the noise dialed down, Mum shouted," DINNER EVERYONE!" We jumped to the kitchen and ate. Uncle Alfred queered Mum's pitch. Mum got a bit upset and decided to leave the table without permission from father. Da told everyone to go home because everyone looked like they needed some rest, and he was quite upset with the way both Uncle Alfred and Mum reacted to their little "mishap". That night Father told me a bed time story that was about a queen in a castle and a numpty knight that snuck into a dragon's lair. In the story, the dragon conked the knight right in the head and made him fall fast asleep, then the princess saves the knight and slays the mighty dragon. As I fell asleep, I said to myself," 2 more sleeps."

The prince and princess in Annie's father's story.

The next morning, I awoke from my brother tickling me. My laugh gear had broke and I could not stop laughing! Mum told me to shut my laugh gears but I couldn't help it. He continued to tickle me till I screamed my head off. Of course I got in trouble (as usual) and Mum almost had me stand in the backyard until I had "cooled down" (whatever that meant) but I stayed inside and watched the idiot box until I fell asleep. I had a dream in which I was the princess! I pasted the dragon until it bleed and died, then I saved the prince and then I suddenly woke up to a delicious smelling supper. After dinner, both Mum and Da tucked me in and left me to sleep. Before going to bed I whispered to myself," One day, one day until I, Annie, am on the the unsinkable Titanic. Just one more sleep." Then I fell asleep with a big grin on my face.

  • Mum: mom
  • Mind Boggling: head spinning Doofer: unnamed object
  • The fuzz: police
  • Tea and Crumpets: tea and biscuits
  • Rubber: Pencil eraser
  • Da: dad
  • Argy Bargy: argument
  • Eating iron: eating utensil
  • Gaffer: boss
  • Idiot box: television
  • Knees up: an outstanding party
  • Take the mickey: mock
  • Mate: pal/ friend
  • Rozzer: police man
  • Queered someone's pitch: spoil their effort
  • Humpty: a stupid/ dumb person
  • Conked: to hit someone in the head or nose
  • Laugh gear: what makes you laugh ( your mouth)
  • Paste(d): to beat throughly


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