Come to the Southern Colonies Ava M.


Reason for Founding

Southern Colonies were founded for many reasons here are a few of them. It was a place were Catholics could practice their religion freely, it would help make England bigger, people can easily make money there, and Georgia was made to keep the Spanish from stealing their money because there was not much money in Georgia and they could fight back.

Climate and Natural Resources!

If you move to the Southern Colonies there is good soil, which means you can grow many plants, including Indigo, tobacco, wheat, rice, and cotton! In the Southern Colonies you can become rich because growing seasons are long, hot, and humid! You can grow and sell your crops almost all year!

How you can MAKE MONEY here!

Here, in the Southern colonies, there are many ways to make money! You can sell indigo, cotton, wheat, tobacco, and rice! You can become rich here in the Southern Colonies!


YES! There´s a ton of gold in Virginia, which is a part of the Southern Colonies!

So, YOU should come to the Southern Colonies TODAY!! There´s hot sunshine, gold, religious freedom, long growing seasons, unlimited ways to make money, and more! SO COME TO THE SOUTHERN COLONIES TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GO FOR INDIGO!

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Ava M