dark evil camp by even tesfaslasie

I was sleeping when something come at my door, I though it's my mom but I heard everyone crying and screaming I was so scared I run so fast to my mom I ask her what's going on she didn’t answer me she was doing scary sounds that's make me scared I run to my room and hide under my bed.

I try to call 911 no one answer me I run at my mom I didn’t find hear that's make me so scared more then I think I heard someone screaming I was thinking what's happing with him I try to follow the sound and help him but the sound stop's I saw a dog hiding under the tree his eyes was red and so scared I ask too myself what' s happing I look to the sky for help I said dear god please be with me forever and help me to find somebody. The dog start to bark when I was prying I run to my house he was following me when I was running at my house someone call me I was looking around if someone call me he call me again I said please help me sure he told me to sleep on the ground I did what he ask me but the dog was looking me on my eyes and barking so hard. I ask him why he is barking he told me he will kill the dog I ask him why

He said the dog will try to kill me I told him if it's like that kill him fast please he shoot the dog and kill him he ask me to run fast and hide with him two min latter he start to ask me some questions . First he check my eyes if they are red he said clear I ask him why he's checking my eyes? He didn’t answer me . He said everything's clear let's go ? I said where are we going he didn’t say anything' I said thinks for helping me I ask him what's his name? He said, my name is robin . He ask me what’s my name I said Rudy.

Nice to meet you Rudy. So where are your parent .

I told him everything that happed with me and my family.

Robin' sorry Rudy for your parent.

Rudy ' it's ok , so where are we going

Robin' dark camp maybe there's some people their.

Rudy" can I ask you something.

Robin' sure.

Rudy' what's happing ?

Robin' only god know what's happening Rudy. We are almost at dark camp .

Rudy' what if there's no one their .

Robin' don’t say that Rudy there will be people their. Hey Rudy come check this out we are at dark camp.

Rudy' what if there's no one their .

Robin' don’t say that Rudy there will be people their. Hey Rudy come check this out we are at dark camp.

Rudy' I think I saw something

Robin' Rudy where ?

Rudy' come on run robin I will show you.

Robin' Rudy wait are you sure you saw somebody ?

RUDY' I think so it's run before they lift .

Robin' ok Rudy lets run.

I was so happy that we find someone to help as but there was something that make me scared ? I ask robin why he is so scared he didn’t answer me I try to ask him again but he was freezing and start to make some scary sound .

"One hour litter" nothing happed I was steel looking on his eye's . But nothing happed I told him I will come back. I was running fastest I can't for help . I saw someone on the top of dark camp he was holding gun I said help me please my friend need help? he run to somewhere and he told everyone on the camp. I said please help me he need help . One guy ask me what happed with him told him everything happed with as. He told me they are not going to help as. I said why? they told me he's dead . I said who. They ask me if I know what's happing. I told them I don’t know anything they ask me my age. I told them I'm 19 year old. I ask them if they can open the door for me. They told me they will check me first I said ok please hurry up . Some guy came he was holding gun and something to check my eyes. he check my eye's he told me to wait their. I ask him if I'm I okay. He didn't answer me. I said please tell me . He told me that his sorry. So I'm gone die . They open the door for they told me to come in .

One hour letter. I told them if I die to take me home . I told them where do I live and everything about me . They told me they will do everything for my last word.

Next morning

I sleep I never wake up

The end


Created with images by Aimanness Photography - "A lust for power"

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