The Book Thief Themes by tanner nerwin

Theme 1: Love Can Be Tough Sometimes

"Saumensch. You call me Mama when you talk to me" (Zusak 50).

Even in such a dark time for the family and Rosa, who seems very mean, still loves Liesel. At the beginning of the story Liesel doesn't like Rosa at all. She likes Hans but thinks Rosa is very mean and doesn't want to live with her. So even though Rosa disciplins Liesel a lot and can be very mean, she loves Liesel a ton. It is the perfect example of tough love in the family.

This article talks about the strategy of tough love. Kids that have very laid back parents who don't discipline them is often not the best strategy. The kids can't take criticism in their life and deal with difficulty. The article shows that showing tough love towards kids is the best parenting and most successful. Do you agree?

Theme 2: Words Are Extremely Powerful

"The book burning happens on April 20, which is Hitlers birthday" (Zusak 187).

On Hitlers birthday he decided to have a book burning in the town square. The reason Hitler wanted to burn the books was because he wanted to essentially brainwash the people. He was afraid of the people reading and finding out what he was really up to. He didn't want the people to discover that he was really up to no good and taking millions of innocent lives for no reason. This is why words are extremely powerful. They are so powerful that, if not burned, they could have prevented the biggest genocide in history.

This is a short video representing the burning of the books all across Nazi Germany. They burned to books to prevent the people of finding out unwanted information about their killing of the Jews. Do you think it was smart for Hitler to essentially dissolve this unwanted propaganda?

Theme 3: Finding Happiness Isn't Always Easy

"Like most happiness, it started with apparent misery" (Zusak 349)

This quote is a perfect representation of my last theme. It shows that happiness isn't always easy to find. Its not just going to be there all the time when it's most convenient. In the book Liesel and her family had to go through a ton to find small amounts of happiness.

This article talks about how throughout hard times light will shine through and happiness is always at the end of a dark tunnel. It talks about to never give up because everything happens for a reason but sometimes that reason isn't always crystal clear to start. This connects directly to my theme 3, finding happiness isn't always easy.

One Pager: Finding Happiness Isn't Always Easy


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