Journey Log 8 By: Tyler Kendrick

This week in class we played the game cards against humanities. Cards against humanities is a really fun game that you use and try to come up with the best answer. The best hand was always the funniest so the point for my group was to find the funniest cards they had to use to try and win. In an article it says the best way to win is to have a sense of humor and how well you know who is deciding the winner. This week that helped use engagement and flexibility because you need to know who you are playing with and be focused on that and willing to change from person to person as they are all different (Anderson 2014).

The next class on Thursday, I was sick from having the flu for the second time this semester. I did not know that was possible so I decided to research it. Apparently you can get the flu twice but it is different strands. So not only did the flu shot I got not work for one strand, but it didn't work for two strands. It's bullshit (Reference).

Anderson, Adrian. “How do You Win in Cards Against Humanities.” Quora, 8 July 2014, Accessed 3 Apr. 2017.

“Can you get the flu twice in a row?” Reference, Accessed 3 Apr. 2017.

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