Mission Updates November, 2021

How hungry are you for the Word of God?

Carlos & Yolanda Casco travel all over Latin America teaching Inductive Bible Study seminars to pastors, leaders, and other believers. Several years ago, a class in Bolivia was hit with a power outage the last night of class. Carlos assumed the class would be canceled, but the people went out, bought candles, and stayed for hours to soak up the last of the teaching.

Praise God:

  • for Carlos & Yolanda's faithful witness over decades.
  • for the power of God's Word that is not constrained by power outages.
  • for continued ministry in spite of border closures and lockdowns. Carlos has taught hundreds of people the Word of God through countless Zoom and Facebook meetings.
  • For the gradual reopening of travel across Latin America. Carlos & Yolanda plan to travel to Guatemala & El Salvador to teach Inductive Bible Study seminars in Bible colleges next spring.

Prayer Requests:

  • for continued wisdom on when, where, and how to teach the Word.
  • for continued good health and energy.

Please greet Carlos & Yolanda between services this weekend, November 5th and 6th, in our Life Center! Make sure you check out their Inductive Bible Study curriculum. Then come back on Tuesday, 11/9, at 6:30 pm for a Missions Connection potluck in the High School Room of the Student Building!

Kevin Jones - CWC Worship Leader

Praise God for CWC Worship Leader Kev Jones! He donated all the profits of the CD sales of his new album to CWC Missions, and we were able to send each CWC Missionary several hundred dollars extra this month! Please pray for continued fruit and favor, and for Kev's music to continue to affect & influence people around the world!

Pray for the Persecuted Church!

Plan to attend our CWC monthly Call to Prayer on Wednesday, 11/24, at 6:30 pm in the Fellowship Hall of the Student Building!

The prayer focus for November will be on lifting up the Persecuted Church, and a representative of Voice of the Martyrs will be in the foyer with helpful brochures and information.


Please continue to pray for the CWC team that will minister to an Afghan refugee family who is resettling in Colorado Springs. Pray for the CWC team to be called & anointed as they minister to the family, and for the Afghan family to have eyes to see the love of Jesus in our team!

Recent Life Equip Global training

Praise God for the ministry of CWC partner Life Equip Global. Recently, a pastor from Kenya shared, “my eyes have been opened”. That is a powerful statement. It means a life has been changed. In the Bible we read:

To open their eyes, so that they may turn from darkness to light and from the power of Satan to God, that they may receive forgiveness of sins and a place among those who are sanctified by faith in me.’ Acts 26:18

It may seem shocking but all around the world Christians are having abortions. In fact pastors are sending their wives, daughters and congregations to have abortions. Why? Their eyes have not been opened. They have not been taught the truth about babies made in the image of God, babies that are fully human, and babies that we are called to defend. They lack knowledge! As a result over 70 million babies are losing their lives due to abortion every year around the world.

Life Equip Global's Life Advocate Training provides the knowledge pastors and church leaders desperately need - free of charge.

Please pray for these Bible- and Gospel-centered trainings currently ministering to pastors in Kenya and Uganda. Pray for more trainings and trainers to multiply the gospel and Bible-based teaching on how to minister to families experiencing crisis pregnancies.

Recent Starting Over Workshop Graduates

"Continue to remember those in prison as if you were together with them in prison and those who are mistreated as if you yourselves were suffering." Hebrews 13:3

Praise God for the favor He has given to CWC partner Starting Over on the Inside:

  • their Biblically-based workshops are giving new hope and life to many Colorado prisoners.
  • they were the first program of any kind to be rescheduled in many Colorado prisons.
  • they provided the program to 5 prisons between May & October, and are scheduled to complete 2 more programs this year.
  • the entire workshop has now been filmed and is available for both on-site and video classes throughout Colorado facilities.

Please pray:

  • for the selection and training of program leaders from chaplains and offenders.
  • collaboration with other ministries and churches to assist with care for prisoners before & after their release dates.
  • as the ministry schedules prison workshops for 2022.
  • The leader, Mark Skalberg, and his wife Marietta are recovering from Covid. Please pray for complete and quick recovery!
Afghan Refugees

Frontier Partners International continues to expand into ministry to the most needy people of the world.

Praise God for:

  • their ongoing ministry encouraging and supporting national leaders in Northern Iraq (Kurdistan) and Lebanon.
  • new partners in Jordan, Nepal, and Afghanistan.
  • the grassroots policy of Frontier Partners International keeps costs low with minimal overhead - no building and no paid staff. The leaders travel regularly to visit partners for accountability and support.

Prayer Requests:

  • continued effective ministry and safety for partners in Afghanistan. They have lost contact in the turbulence of the past month and are not sure of their status.
  • Wisdom and good communication across cultures as Mike and his team form partnerships in Jordan and Nepal.
Matt & Jonna and family - Central Asia

Please continue to pray for Matt & Jonna and their young family as they settle back in to their Central Asian country after a year-plus furlough in the US. A few updates from last month's requests:

  • Moldir is an 11 year old girl who was septic after a late emergency appendectomy. She has made great progress. Thank you for your prayers!
  • Raseem, a 5 year old, is the grandson of a local co-laborer. He has been diagnosed with cancer and started chemotherapy. Please pray for God's healing power in his little life.

If you are a teacher interested in serving in Central Asia, please contact us. They have several openings for teachers of all ages in their international school!

Matt Harris - Leadership Training Retreat

Matt Harris (Uganda) shares that the leadership team had a 4-day retreat last month. They discussed how to lead, develop, and care for the "sheep" following them as shepherds. Some key points:

  • A shepherd must intentionally influence and enable his flock to accomplish a given task. But getting a job done isn’t God’s only goal. If that’s all He wanted, He would have been better off with machines than humans. Great leaders strengthen their follower’s capacity to grow and contribute while achieving their goals.
  • Like God, a good shepherd watches over and cares for the health and well-being of those who look to him.

Another praise report was that Matt and Noelle witnessed their students complete their last week of the three year training through the Bible. Each student gave a 30-minute oral presentation explaining a Biblical theme through the entirety of Scripture, relating it to the Gospel.


  • Church gatherings have reopened in Uganda.
  • Matt & Noelle recently celebrated 8 years of marriage!
  • Their visas are all finalized.
  • All the students passed their finals.
  • Noelle & the children accomplished another semester of homeschooling.
  • They are seeing great fruit in the churches of the pastors.


  • Matt's parents and brother are currently suffering from Covid. His parents are slowly recovering but his brother almost lost his life and has a long way to go before fully recovering. Please pray for their hearts - it is hard to be separated by an ocean and a day when a family member is so sick!
  • Wisdom as the team interviews church leaders for the next pastor class.
  • Funding to finish off the 2nd Pastoral School of Discipleship. Great progress has been made already!
  • For the Business as Mission branch of the ministry to gain success to be operationally sustainable.
  • For churches in Uganda to have wisdom, vision, and strength as they reopen.
Building Project - PROGRESS!
Janice Evans - Ukraine

Janice Evans, serving in Ukraine, shares some praise reports:

  • The church plant began with teens, and then young adults were slowly added. Now the church is seeing some adults visit and stay.
  • She was given a nice phone, which will help her ministry tremendously.

Janice's Prayer Requests:

  • We have been praying for her friend's daughter, Mila, who has bone cancer. The little girl is in a lot of pain and the family cannot afford a bone marrow transplant, so she is on very strong chemotherapy. If the girl dies, the mother plans to return to her home country, and Janice suspects she would then return to the dominant religion of that country. Please pray for healing, and for the mom to draw close to Christ.
  • The church held a Halloween outreach last week. Please pray for good fruit that lasts from the people who participated.
Hope's Promise Sanctuary of Hope - Kenya

Kenya - Praises & Prayer Requests:

  • Praise God that Covid cases are now at an all-time low since the beginning of the pandemic. Please pray for continued mercy on Africa, Kenya, and our church partners at Mathare Worship Centre & Hope's Promise Sanctuary of Hope (SOH).
  • Kenyan students spread a day of unrest yesterday due to repeated lockdowns and then a lack of breaks once the school year finally resumed. A few of our SOH students have been caught up in these incidents. Will you please pray for peace in Kenya, and peace and wisdom for these students and their families and caregivers?
  • Thank God for the progress made in planning next steps for the teens/young adults who recently graduated from Hope's Promise Sanctuary of Hope in Nairobi, Kenya. George is now working on a 4 year university degree in IT, Victor is in a 6-month certification class for air cabin crew, and Peter is in a 1-year program for cooking & baking. Please pray for these boys as they start classes this month.
  • Pray for the expansion of Kuza, the relative-based care program in Mathare Valley Slum. Pray for wisdom as Pastor Steve & the team select children and families to receive this discipleship and support.
  • Pray for a new staff member, Bridgitt, who started last month and reports to Pastor Steve.
  • Please continue to pray for Christina & N, two Mathare Valley caregivers who are facing serious health struggles.
Michael - His Safe Haven (Liberia)

Thank God for the presence of His Safe Haven in Gbarnga, Liberia! Their home for children with special needs was used by God to save the life of little Michael, above. Michael was thrown off a motorbike by a family member who no longer wished to care for him. He is now living with one of the foster moms in His Safe Haven Village and is learning that his is extremely loved! Please pray for his adjustment, and for every child in His Safe Haven to have a sponsor who helps provide for his or her needs.

Tikvah - Jeff & Naomi Cuozzo (England & Israel)

Praise God that Jeff & Naomi Cuozzo were able to host 20 Israeli pastors' wives and leaders for a week-long leadership retreat, the first retreat since Covid lockdowns began in England! One of the leaders wrote a beautiful testimony of how she felt her feet were washed during this retreat -

Praise God for the way he used the Cuozzos and the gifts and prayers YOU have sent to lift up these women! We can look forward to sharing sweet fellowship in heaven with many who will say "thank you" for your giving to Calvary Worship Center, and through it to the Cuozzos, and through them to this lady and her friends.

Thank God also that the new church in Bath, England will be allowed to resume in-person meetings this week!

Nolan & Marie Schockey - Mexico

Check out some familiar faces, Nolan & Marie Schockey, in this month's edition of Calvary Chapel Magazine!

Eddie Broussard - Navigators (worldwide)

Praise God for Journey 2021, the recent Navigator's college conference held last month! CWC Missionary Eddie Broussard was the main speaker. The theme of the conference was Romans 15:13:

May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Praise God that He sustained Eddie to teach this group of students to be a people of hope in the midst of a generation that is frightened and anxious. By the end, 500 eager young men and women committed to changing the world, and gave over $48,000 toward missions! Listen to the messages below -

We also thank God along with our brother Eddie & his wife Barbie that last month marked his 5th "Anniversary of Life Again" after a massive heart attack in Istanbul, Turkey, in 2016. We're thankful that God spared His life and continues to use him so mightily!

Linda Weber - France

Finally, we wanted to share this picture of Linda Weber, who was a CWC Missionary for decades. Linda recently retired from her service in Lamorlaye, France, and a fellow missionary gave this testimony:

Linda, the tireless missionary.

Linda Weber has given so much of her life for France. Thanks to her, I was able to do my first missionary tour in the United States in 2018 and was able to start mobilizing partners who still support me today. I thank the Lord for this sister who supported me and still supports me today in my work. In the photo, you can see all the women from Chantilly and Lamorlaye that she influenced and encouraged in their walk with Jesus until her departure last month.

Please pray for Linda as she transitions to home in Northern California, and for the people of Lamorlaye as they transition to life without her closeby!

CWC Missions

If you'd like to be a part of what God is doing in Missions through Calvary Worship Center, please email kellyb@cwccs.org or call 719-632-3311!


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