Mind Body Fitness For Life Mastering your mind. mastering your body


Using an expansive blend of eastern and western practices, you'll learn how to handle life's constant turmoil and chaos more effortlessly. You'll feel more connected to your authentic self and more joyful in all parts of your life. You'll access the secrets to aligning mind and body to improve your health, performance, relationships, work, life purpose, and more.

You'll experience:

  • Mindfulness and how to apply it every day
  • How emotions get trapped creating imbalances
  • How stress undermines well-being and what to do about it
  • How to banish anxiety and worries
  • Effective ways to stop the monkey mind and enter a more creative, happier state
  • Keys to better nutrition to fuel your body more intentionally and healthfully
  • Tips and challenges to move your body efficiently for more vitality and energy flow
  • How to improve quality sleep to boost your immune system and your body's abilities to renew and revitalize
  • How to balance and manage life's challenges with more ease and confidence


In-person or virtual

  • Mind & Body Fitness for Health (2-hour)
  • Mind & Body Fitness for Life (4-hour)
  • Mind & Body Fitness Lecture (1-hour)

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Comments from Attendees

Excellent. This is exactly what I needed.

The workshop was beneficial to me for many reasons, including the part on nutrition.

Wonderful workshop. Love Nidra and the overall health approach

Love your spirit and passion you exude.

The breathwork in combination with yoga Nidra helped to minimize the monkey mind.

I felt a sense of peace and relaxation so deep and profound. I haven't felt before.

I felt toxins release from my body...it was wonderful.

It was such a well-thought-out and planned workshop. I loved the sounds, Nidra, movement, and stillness.

As a school teacher, I want so badly to integrate these techniques into the classrooms! Students are always told, "Focus!" yet, no one ever teachers them how! Thank you for the inspiration.

Great session. Enjoyed the commitment to a peaceful lifestyle, relaxation and calmness.

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