Being shy Is she rude or is she an introvert?

This woman does not know the concept of being nice to someone even if she doesn't like them. Discomfort radiates off of her body; she is dressed in formal, work attire but she is sitting in a high school cafeteria. her ankles are crossed tight, her hands are crossed in her lap, and she sits with her back rigid, her shoulders raised. She is having a conversation with someone across from her, maybe it's a sister or friend, but her gaze keeps darting from the person's face to around the cafeteria. occasionally, she nods along with the conversation, but what strikes me odd about this is that she does not speak at all to the person who is speaking to her. She is not engaged. Her hands are either held tightly in her lap or pulling down her skirt or rolling, unrolling, adjusting the cuffs of her dress shirt. Her stocking feet kick off and slide her shoes off and on. her friend/sister says something comical, and her lipsticked mouth stretches open in an uncomfortable, forced smile. I can tell it is agonizing for her to be sitting here; she would much rather be at home, in her pajamas, binge watching Stranger Things and eating pizza, ignoring all human interaction except to update her tumblr blog every few minutes with cute pictures of dogs she finds. When her friend leaves, her posture immediately falls as she scrambles into her purse on the floor and pulls out her phone. she rests her head in the palm of her hand and scrolls through something on her phone, types for a little, likely responding to a message from one of her internet friends because her actual friends don't talk to her outside of work. She sets her phone down, and starts chewing on her nails, a nasty habit that was more than likely a side effect from the anxiety medication she took as a teenager because she couldn't handle social situations like this one.

Insecurity is a problem that affects a lot of people. It's a problem that a lot of people face during adolescence, and usually the majority of it passes by the time they're adults. Everyone has at least a little bit of insecurity; everyone has the desire to please other people, no matter how confident they act. It's human nature. This woman's insecurity seems to have stuck with her instead of fading away like it was supposed to. It may be the result of a neglected childhood; maybe she was a foster kid, or the middle child, but there seems to be a lack of attention received by her as a child. She seems desperate for the attention, but she does not know how to get it or what it feels like to have good attention on her so she shies away from it. I can see that she is not completely opposed to attention; she smiles at her phone and laughs after reading a message and typing a quick response. I can that this woman does not have bad manners, she is just worried about how people see her and perceive her. She becomes visibly more comfortable after the woman she was talking to leaves because she knows that no one is watching her anymore and she can relax. Society can perceive introverts as being rude, but it should be understood that some people just aren't comfortable with interaction with other people. If an introvert seems like they don't want to talk to you, it can be the result of them not liking you, but more often than not it's because they just don't want to interact with anyone at all. I can tell now that the woman's uncomfortable, seemingly forced smile is the result of her trying not to be rude and of her caring about the person she was talking and the conversation they were having. I feel bad for this woman and everything she has to go through; I hope she doesn't get too much grief from people who perceive her as rude or mean.

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