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Welcome from Editor Kate

Happy New Year!

This is our 3rd edition of Visable Inc and already we’ve made a major change. As a month FAMOUS for the amount of card and paper used (and often wasted) it seems fitting that this is the first time we have decided not to print our magazine. As well as saving trees, it helps us figure out who really wants to be part of our community. It also means we can share even more content. We’d love to know how you feel about this…

This edition features stories of some truly impressive young people; Amika George, the founder of FreePeriods, Nino Genua, the inspiration behind our new #MeBe campaign, and the creative students of Asphaleia. Plus, there's some ideas from Nancy, for those of us who have made resolutions to be more giving to others this year.

As always, we cannot wait to hear from YOU; stories, ideas, successes, anything at all! So please get in touch.

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Baked Team Lauren & Nicole

School Ground Coffee Barista Holly joined the Baked team during the Summer of 2018, to hone her skills and find out what life was like working on the high street.

Barista trainee, Holly

Holly was great. We loved her. Our customers loved her. And, from what we could tell, she got a lot out of the experience: having a chance to perfect her barista skills while becoming familiar with the cake and coffee lovers of Worthing.

It was more than this though. Coffee making aside, Holly was, and is, a great team player, thriving in a busy environment and quickly immersing herself in the role. From day one Holly was part of the team, and as she became more comfortable in this role her confidence grew, and not just in coffee making. What we found, and which neither us or Holly had anticipated, was that Holly loved working in a customer facing role; chatting to people, serving cake and coffee, and helping to create the Baked atmosphere.

What next for Holly? Hopefully she’ll be back with us in some manner in the future, while in the meantime she’ll be serving up School Ground Coffee at Oak Grove. For us at Baked, it reinforced to us that working alongside students with SEND is no different to other students; working with them to get the most valuable experience possible to develop their personal skills and enhance their employability opportunities for the future.

Visit Lauren and her delicious cakes at Baked, 31 Rowlands Road, Worthing, BN11 3JJ

Meet Amika George, teen activist and founder of the campaign #FreePeriods

What prompted you to start the campaign?

Last year, when I was 17, I started a movement called #FreePeriods after I read that girls in the UK were routinely missing school because they could not afford menstrual products. As a schoolgirl myself, I understood how regular absences from school can really affect educational progress, dignity and confidence.

What work is currently being undertaken?

I felt the government should take proper action so I started to campaign to MPs, and continue to raise awareness of period poverty globally. As part of the #FreePeriods movement, I normalise periods. I talk and write about periods and tell everyone who will listen how we need to destigmatise menstruation. We need to embrace our periods! That’s really the only way! But it's not easy. I hope that over time, the more we talk, the more comfortable people will be about having these conversations.

What is the impact of your intervention?

On a freezing cold day, five days before Xmas last year, 2000 young people came out to protest opposite Downing Street and that was phenomenal. As a result, the government allocated funds from the tampon tax to tackle period poverty - it shows how when we come together and shout about an issue we care about, we can bring about change.

How can others get involved?

Sign the #FreePeriods Petition, write to your MP. Talk and write about period poverty wherever you can, school assembly, donation drive... so many things we can do. Talk about your periods and tell people you’re proud to be a girl who bleeds!

Who is your inspiration?

I’m really inspired by strong women who don’t back down. Meghan Markle for her work to raise awareness of period poverty, people I met recently in Johannesburg who refuse to let the horrific things that happen to them define them, and by Nadia Mourad. She is a Yazidi who was captured by ISIS but when she escaped she didn’t go into hiding. She became a Survivor and works tirelessly to bring justice to the Yazidi people. She’s an absolute hero and I adore her.

Welcome to the Grand City of Dremand

As a social enterprise that promotes people with a little something special about them, we are incredibly proud to present...

Combining the talents of illustrator Adam Robinson, and writer Adam Theodoridi, we bring you the INC BOTS, our first range of story greetings cards.

Each design is a blank A6 greeting card and envelope, with an online link to the story of the Bots, based in the Grand City of Dremand.

Intro to the Inc Bots

Help Bot
Blast Bot
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Bio Bot
Hex Bot

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Created by ©Adam Robinson 2018

Character Stories ©Adam Theodoridi Visable Inc 2018

Creative Spotlight

Every two years, the Worthing Museum and Art Gallery invites artists from the local community, of all ages, to submit their work. Those selected are featured in their OPEN exhibition, running at the museum until 30th March 2019.

Young artist Ruby (Bohunt School, Worthing) with her wood burner ink piece 'The Siren'
Young Artist Minnie (Davison School for Girls, Worthing) with her wood burner ink piece 'I'm Not Here to Blend In'
Young Artist Exhibits

Film and TV Review

Meet Calum, our Film, TV and Theatre critic. We publish Calum’s reviews on social media (Twitter and Facebook) and on his Visable Inc webpage

So what kind of thing does Calum review? The answer is, pretty much anything that involves thrills, adventure, tears and laughs, BUT...

Did we mention that Calum is the Biggest Doctor Who fan IN THE WORLD?? (probably)

Luckily Calum has shared all his thoughts with a review for EACH EPISODE of the series.

Do you have a question for Calum? Or a production you would like him to review? Contact us

Writer Spotlight

Jill Hucklesby
Minnie (Year 10, Davison School) interviews award winning teen writer Jill Hucklesby.

When did you first think about writing?

I was a very early reader and writing came naturally from that. I wanted to express everything on paper and wrote my first poems at the age of five and stories soon after that. They were mostly about worms!

What has been your inspiration for your books?

My own books for teens have been inspired by many things, events and people. 'Deeper Than Blue' started life as a drama. The idea later developed into the novel published in 2007. 'Last Kiss of the Butterfly' reflected the loss of a parent during childhood - my own experience. 'If I Could Fly' arrived as a fully-fledged mystery/running away story. 'Samphire Song' was definitely based on my early love of horses. All four have family, friendship, challenges and the need for personal courage at their core.

What drove you to write your first book?

After 'Deeper Than Blue' was turned down by the BBC, the producer suggested I write the book to help protect the idea. The book found a home with Orchard Books, who commissioned a second novel. Suddenly, life had changed direction and I was becoming an author.

Do you have a favourite novel? Or top 5?

It's very hard to choose a favourite book. There are books you never forget, however, and four that have a special place in my heart are 'Tess of the D'urbervilles by Thomas Hardy, 'Cold Comfort Farm' by Stella Gibbons, 'The Butterfly Lion' by Michael Morpurgo and 'Black Beauty' by Anna Sewell, all very important novels on my own writing journey.

Any advice for young authors?

My advice to any budding author would be to 'write, write, write'. Find your unique voice. Finish your stories. Seek constructive criticism. Don't be afraid to rewrite. Every piece of writing can always be better! If you want your work to enter the wider world, enter literary competitions. Build a reputation. Develop resilience as there will be rejection along the way. Plough on! Stay courteous. Research literary agents who represent writers working in your genre, or go your own way. Always have the courage of your convictions. Remember that noone sees the world exactly as you do.



WIN a signed copy of Jill's first novel, Deeper Than Blue.

Simply tell us what you would call YOUR first novel, and why.

Email hello@visableinc.co.uk with WIN JILL in the subject line before 31st January. Winner will be notified by email.

Welcome to the Anxiety Box

Reflections on Experiences in Education by the Students of Asphaleia Training

Asphaleia training makes a positive difference to young people by offering qualifications, learning opportunities and support services to meet their individual needs.

As part of a creative writing workshop, students reflected on why they left education, the difficutlies they faced, and what it was that made them go back.

Take a glimpse inside the Anxiety Box...

Visit the Asphaleia Training website


Meet Nino Genua. When it comes to dreaming about all the amazing things he’d like to do, or the person he’d like to be, Nino is not afraid to dream big.

Nino in his Own Words

Work as Coach with Bristol Bears, me good helping other people. I like uniform & match days. Me great goalkeeper with Mencap team, we 1st in League. I be Manager at Bristol City one day help Lee Johnson, he my friend. Me had day with Bristol City it was best day in my life. Me Vice Captain of Special Olympics swim team Bristol Sharks, me win gold, silver, bronze & get speeding tickets. My girlfriend Olivia very beautiful & love her into my heart, 4 years together nearly. Me at Bath College, like it & work hard. Me have friends & enjoy cooking not like maths too tricky. Me a Model with Zebedee makes me feel proud & happy, got lots photos & go to London. Me love my family & have lots of friends, my sister Lia loves me, me love her. Me very fit & healthy do sport & weights with PA Dean. Me love smell good & dress smart, me like hair fashion. Me love singing, dancing & music.

Despite people telling him he “won’t be able to”, or simply expecting that he can’t, Nino is not afraid to go ahead and do it anyway. And thank goodness he does, or he would not be the inspirational man he is today.

As a social enterprise that promotes people with a little something special about them, Visable Inc would like to start the #MeBe campaign, celebrating young people who are not afraid to Dream it, Do it, Be it. And who better to lead our campaign, than the man that inspired it!

Nino’s #MeBe story can also be found at www.visableinc.co.uk/nino/

Nino is represented by Zebedee Management

Wellbeing with Nancy

New Year is a time of resolutions, good intentions and not much money (if you spent it all on presents)! How do you show people you care without having to spend??


Photo credits: director @molliemills, photographer @buckjordan and editor @gracemcintee
Check out the photo stills from my latest modelling work, a video for the Samsung Go Beyond campaign, promoting the message that sport is for all abilities, doing more together.
”I was chuffed to bits to do a handstand for the first time since losing my leg 21yrs ago”. (with male model Matt Millar)

Do you have a question for Nancy? Or a particular issue you would like Nancy to write about? Get in Touch

Nancy is represented by Zebedee Management

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West Sussex

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Youth Emotional Support (YES) is a free service for young people aged 11-18 looking for support with their well-being.

East Sussex

The information portal for young people, from health, money, travel, education and your rights and voice


Services include information about what’s happening in your area, from arts, sports, volunteering and local counselling and support

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