AllianceChicago Annual Report 2020

It is hard to believe it was a year ago, on February 29, that the first reported COVID-19 death in the United States was announced. Over the next few weeks, things changed drastically, as we found ourselves in a “new reality”. Our lives, our interactions and our work were radically altered. The economy became severely crippled. And the communities, the AllianceChicago network care for, were impacted disproportionally and the burden of responsibility that we bear followed dramatically.

The AllianceChicago’s mission to support personal, community and public health through collaborative innovation– resonates powerfully for us over this past year.

As the pandemic hit, we immediately began to develop informatics tools to support decision making and care documentation. We collected data to both support individual care and provide insights at the community and public health levels. We collected and disseminated information to support telemedicine, from software and equipment to revenue cycle considerations to support advocacy for reimbursement. We focused on workflow design and peer collaboration to develop clinical approaches to translate care into the telemedicine format.

The response of our Community Health Centers (CHCs) was also impressive. They immediately learned how to provide services remotely and responded to worried and sick patients. As rates and geographies of the pandemic shifted, CHCs offered testing and contact tracing. And now, they are stepping up to aid in the mass vaccination efforts.

This 2020 Annual Report is our tribute to an ‘unforgettable’ year. We tried to capture our team spirit in tackling multiple projects and accomplishing great things for our network. Although we have not been ‘together’ – in the traditional sense – for some time, we have never been more together united as a team.

The theme of our annual conference, better together; innovating now for tomorrow sets the right tone as we look ahead. I am looking forward to another year of learning, working and achieving with all of you.


Fred Rachman, MD, CEO

COVID-19 Response Team

  • Created clinical content and data analytic tools to support Health Centers in responding to COVID 19 and provide virtual care.
  • Partnered with Health Choice Network to produce a COVID 19 webinar series engaging 100s of staff from Health Centers across the country in peer learning and support.
  • Developed COVID-19 protocols and safety procedures for staff working at the office.
  • Educated and updated staff with evolving information on coronavirus symptoms and vaccinations.
  • Hired a director of public health initiatives to integrate public health efforts to better support Health Centers.
  • Supported the testing, tracing, tracking, treating and vaccinating of patients.
The promise represented by the current vaccines is a light at the end of the COVID tunnel, but there is still hard work ahead, and a new paradigm to imagine, design and build together. There has never been a more compelling time for Health Centers to work as a System. – Dr. Fred Rachman, CEO at AllianceChicago

Conference Planning Team

in partnership with Health Choice Network

  • Held our annual conference in virtual format with more than a thousand participants and recognized thought leaders as faculty.
  • Produce a 7-day virtual conference with 73 speakers, 46 educational sessions, 17 poster presentations and 32 sponsors.
It was very organized and I loved your speakers. Really amazing how Alliance put this conference together… Fantastic Job… – Irene Bala, Malama I Ke Ola Health Center

Partnership for Technology Enabled Community Health (P-TECH) Team

  • Engaged new Health Centers throughout Illinois in practice transformation activities to strengthen our partnership with Illinois Primary Health Care Association.
  • Supported preparation for 21st Century Cures Act and changes to E/M coding.
  • Led a large-scale multi-Network survey to initiate the ARCH Collaborative to improve use and satisfaction of Electronic Medical Records (EMR).
  • Progressed in identifying additional EMR and Health information technology options.
  • Continued to promote collaborative learning opportunities.

Research Team

  • Continued and grew our research projects portfolio with 15 new funded grants.
  • Worked on 38 active research projects by partnering with 31 community health centers.
  • Utilized business and clinical intelligence database infrastructure to support Health Center engagement and drive research activities.
  • Supported participation in NACHC/CDC chronic disease initiatives.
  • Deepened partnerships with the Illinois Primary Health Care Association, Health Choice Network, National Association of Community Health Centers (NACHC), Center for Disease Control (CDC), other Healthcare Networks, Primary Care Associations, and Academic institutions.

Data Platform Team

  • Continued our joint ACRES Analytics investment with Health Choice Network in launching a new, cutting edge data platform to buildout industry leading analytics capabilities to Safety Net Health Centers.
  • Secured data on over 3.8 million lives from the AllianceChicago network alone, and over 7 million lives in total across both networks.

Office Move Team

  • Completed renovation of and moved to a new office at 225 W. Illinois.
  • Prepared a beautiful new, modernized home to welcome staff back when it is safe to return.

All Staff Tuesday Meeting

  • Transitioned seamlessly to a virtual operation and also grew our staff with 8 new hires.
  • Provided virtual outlets to connect: retreat, happy hours, podcast club, potlucks, holiday party.
  • Supported each other through pandemic, protests and political duress.

Financial Reporting Team

AllianceChicago Donors

Thank you to our donors that supported our winter campaign to feed families.

In 2020, we individually...